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Never Gone

The sun has fallen victim to the clouds and the sky has seemingly taken on a darker tone. The area is silent and still and it has been devoid of any life for hours now. 

Even the streets are empty, which is surprising considering that it is only four thirty in the after noon and people are usually scurrying around at this time, rushing to complete errands and return home after a long day of work. 

It is all just so empty, but maybe that is just the world’s way of reminding them of what all they’ve lost. It’s funny, in a morbid way, how life is mimicking the the empty feeling they both feel in their chests as they go towards their destination.

They’ve been there today once already, the funeral being held that morning.

The service was lovely of course and there had been a huge turn out. Nearly the whole town had shown up to see the man off for his final trip. Really, the man deserved a nice rest after all the good he’d done in life.

He was the type of man that, even if you only met him once, you’d never forget him. He always had a way of bringing the best out in people and if you were having the worst day of your life, he would not quit until he managed to make you smile again.

The man was too perfect for this harsh world, but he’d always done his best and it showed in everything he did. So no, it was not surprising that he’d received such a warm send off.

It had been a truly beautiful scene.

Finally reaching their destination, they all lower themselves slowly. Reaching out, both run their fingers over the name staring back at them and, even if it is only for a second, they both feel like nothing has really changed. 

But then metal fingers are running over the dash that sits between the two dates etched on the rectangular stone before them and the harsh reality they now face settles over their shoulders like a cold and wet blanket. 

It hurts, oh god does it hurt, but they accept it because it is theirs. This is their story and it doesn’t end as happy as the fairy tales they were read as children did. There is no magical kiss that fixes all that is wrong, there is no white horse, and there is never any knight in shining armor.

There is only the broken memories of something tragic that involves poisonous green fog, screaming, crying, and a giant white fox creature with five tails.

The silence finally breaks and the air is polluted with the sobs of a broken man forced to murder the only man that he had ever loved, the sobs of a woman who lost a lover and the memories needed to save the remaining one, and a deep howl that echoes with failure and regret.

It takes a full hour and a half before the sobs finally subside, but then there is singing and in a way it comforts all of them. The song speaks of loss, but it also speaks of memories and reminds each individual present that this is not the final chapter of their story.

No, it can’t be over yet because they have not written the part where they finally have their reunion. 

Lewis always did say that goodbyes are only final when you let them be. He swore up and down, time and time again, that as long as they remembered what mattered it could never truly leave.

And Lewis was never, ever wrong. Not even once.

So together they promise to keep him close and keep his memory alive in their hearts. Sure, Vivi is missing some memories here and there and Arthur’s heart isn’t in the best condition, but together they will make up for what the other lacks. Not to mention the fact that Mystery is there to make sure that they keep moving forward as well.

They’ll heal and bounce back, just like Lewis always pushed them to.

So Vivi, Arthur, and Mystery will say goodbye for now and continue to walk until they are able to meet up with Lewis again down the road life takes them.

With that in mind, both Vivi and Arthur press a kiss to the headstone in front of them. They each leave a flower too because Lewis always did love gifts from them and then they step away. 

After mystery drops his favorite chew toy next to their flowers and brushes his head against the stone, they turn and leave.

With every step they take, the distance weighs on their hearts, but they each console themselves with the knowledge that even if Lewis is not with them physically right now, he is still right there with them and in their lives.

Even if it is not in the way they’d all want him to be.

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“As for Celaena, you do not have the right to wish she were not what she is. The only thing you have a right to do is decide whether you are her enemy or her friend”

Protect Dorian Havilliard 2k15

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Dear, Boys/Girls

Please lang, wag nyong iisipin na porket hindi lng nakakapagtxt or chat ang inyong karelasyon ay May ginawa na syang masama. Wag nyo silang pagdudahan at pagbintangan. Kasi ang magiging resulta lang nyan, Mag-aaway kyo ng mag-aaway at sa paulit ulit na pag-aaway nyo. Nababawasan ang dahilan para magtiwala kyo sa isa’t isa at isa pa na dapat malaman at pagkatandaan. Kung pagdududahan nyo lang palagi ang taong mahal nyo, kyo pa mismo ang magtutulak sa kanila na gawin ang mga ibinibintang nyo.

Kasi kahit na wala nmn silang ginawa, kung pag-iisipan nyo sila ng hindi maganda eh hindi rin yun na iba sa paggawa ng masama di ba? Kya bkt pa sila magiging tapat sa inyo kung masama na ang iniisip nyo sa kanila. USELESS lng din lahat. Useless din ang pag sabi nyo ng “I LOVE YOU” sa isa’t isa, kung araw araw kang nagdududa sa kanya. Kung gnun din pla isipan nyo, mas mabuti pang hiwalayan nyo na lng sila!

Nag-aaksaya lang kyo ng oras at panahon na patagalin pa ang relasyon nyo kung wala na yung tiwala mo sa kanya at alam nyo ba na sa pag-iisip nyo ng ganun. Hindi sila ang nanloloko sa inyo kundi, KAYO MISMO ANG NANLOLOKO. Sinabi mo na mahal mo sya, pero wala kang tiwala? Na saan ang pagmamahal dun.?

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Can you help me get over this libra boy, please? I like him but honestly I just want to stop. Crushes suck and a crush on a boy as indecisive as him kinda drives me up a wall. Please? <3

imagine him pooping

Allowing one day to be heartbroken wasn't enough

I’d like to not be sad over boy please, thank you

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So I'm going to UCLA this summer for a course and I'm super excited and nervous!!!!! LA looks so pretty and this is my first time in the US. CANT WAIT ❤️❤️

First time in US and you are coming to LA ? oh boy. please do not judge all of USA based on people in los angeles lol. But i hope you have a BLAST

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Sick of: fics where no chicks or guys want to get with Zack just cause he's shy. I'm sorry but he's a sexy beast who wouldn't want to get up on that and he's just adorable.

My dream is a shy boy. Please, bring one to me to ravish.

- Eve