I can still remember this day so clearly, waiting for him to come out with his squadron,the anxiety I felt as we waited until he was dismissed, bouncing up in down in my seat because I couldn’t sit still any longer, sprinting down bleachers somehow not falling and then finally being back in his arms. BMT was hard and so is this deployment but I just can’t wait to see you again.


5 days with my Favorite Airman. <3

Drove with his family, for 22 hours from California to Texas, to see him for his BMT graduation. :D Finally seeing him face to face after 2 months made everything worthwhile… the wait, the letter writing, the loneliness. Just seeing him smile made everything better. (: Also, I spent thanksgiving with him, it was the best ever. :D

Day 1: Airman’s run, Coin ceremony, had dinner at this Chinese place.

Day 2: THANKSGIVING! (: Spent the whole day with him and his family. <3

Day 3: Graduation, Walked and had lunch at the Riverwalk, He surprised me with a flower. :D

Day 4: Sea World! (:

Day 5: Watched a movie (The Thing), drove back to California.

Been to the mini mall, almost everyday, and the BX twice. :P

Now, he’s at Mississippi for tech school. He’s farther. But it’s okay though, I’ll get to see him in December and spend Christmas with him. yay! :D


this was the best day of my life. I cried so much and felt so much pride and happiness for him today. he grew into such a confident man. I was so excited when we were released to find our Airmen, I took my wedges off to run down from the top of the bleachers to find him. such an amazing day and I’m so glad I could be a part of it!


i’m trying to find shoes that match this dress! i was thinking nude flats? i’d like to avoid wearing heels, but wedges are okay. a cheap option or just basic suggestions will do fine :)


Ummm so. I’m going to listen to this everyday until the chills go away and I can recite this like the alphabet.