“My best friend and I have been inseparable ever since we were two-years-old. We’ve always done everything together. Everyone was fine in primary school, but then high school came along. I am now always being overshadowed by her. For example, I’ll sing a song, and then she sings it 100 times better. I don’t think she even realizes she’s doing it. It’s just become so annoying. I never get any praise anymore and I am beginning to doubt myself. I tried telling myself I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone else, but it is hard in this case. Please give me some advice – I don’t know what to do.”

What To Do If You Always Feel Overshadowed By Your Best Friend

Interviewer: “Does she [Taylor] bring out the best in you?”

Ed: “She brings out a competitive side of me, which is really good….really, really good. She is competitive as HELL so she’ll be like ‘I’m going to sell this many albums’ and I’ll be like ‘cool, I’m going to try to sell this many albums’…or she’ll be like ‘I’m going to do stadiums here’ and I’ll be like “cool, I’ll try to do stadiums’…It’s good. We keep each other on our toes.”

Interviewer: “Is it [inaudible] back stage then?” (Insinuating tenseness backstage)

Ed: “No. No. I mean, we celebrate each other’s success, but drive each other on at the same time, if that makes sense.”

-Ed’s interview with Ode at the Brit Awards


Lilo & Stitch’s awesome disneybound adventure in Walt Disney World

(theadventureeffect‘s thatprincessgirl as Stitch and lostboycosplay as Lilo)