Adventure awaits!


My best friend Holly istillcallhimlogiebear “Hollurked” me for my 22nd birthday. The one thing I really wanted for my Birthday was to be “Taylurked” and because she couldn’t give me that she have me her own twist on it. Each gift was wrapped separate just like how Taylor does it with a personally written tag. Except these tags had Taylor lyrics that went along with the gift. I am so lucky to have a best friend who takes the time to do this for me. This is the best gift I have ever received. She is the Abigail to my Taylor. I hope you see this Taylor because it would mean a lot to me and her. We love you so much and you have made our friendship stronger. We will see you in the spring.

If you could pleaseeeee reblog this so Taylor will see it. We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!