"The Monsters in the Night"

Everyone in the car is asleep, except for Jane and her drivin’ Pa,
And Jane could hardly believe her eyes when she suddenly saw—

Rising up out of the darkness, towering beasts overtook the night
Blacking out the stars, giving poor Jane an awful fright.
She didn’t know what they were, but she knew this ain’t sumthin’ good
And it’s up to her to warn the WORLD, like any brave kid should.

So she woke up her sleeping family, to warn them monsters are very near
But they did what they always did, and dismissed her with a sneer
"Oh Jane you’re just a girl, you don’t know what you’re talking about"
"You probably just had a dream, and you’re too confused to figure it out"

The family laughed and fell asleep, as her dad continued down the road,
And Jane felt so angry that she thought she would explode (>__<)
They never believe anything she says, and they mock her every thought,
And maybe if they listened, humanity could be saved from the onslaught.

So as the monsters took over the world, and ate her family that very night
Jane didn’t really mind, ‘cuz at least she was proven right.

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