Adelaide sometimes likes for me to sing at bedtime. It falls in and out of favor with her, but right now it’s back in. She likes “The Rose,” “You Are My Sunshine,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the latter of which being a standard since she was a newborn.

Tonight she decided she wanted to sing along and the participation was … interesting.

(Sorry for the lack of picture, but I was recording in secret and it was dark in her room.)

When we finished, she sang me a song she made up: “The Woman has an Ax.”

Obviously I’m very sorry I did not also record that.

So my dad got me a Captain America action figure. He lives on the other side of the country so to keep in touch, I send him photos like this all the time. 

It started with photos of the Cap and his surroundings. For example, this is “Captain goes to work.”

Last night I made a series. “Captain helps me get ready for bed each night.”

"He reads me bedtime stories."

"And turns the lights out for me!"

My dad was very appreciative of my creativity.