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I totally see how you don't ship Zutara. I like it as an AU and I like to look at fanart and stuff, but I definitely think they wouldn't be compatible. But show me some Painted Lady/Blue Spirit Zutara and I'll ship it in hell.

SAME HERE the fanart is gorgeous tbh, as much as i don’t ship it!

this isn’t really a response to you, sorry, but i’m going to go on a mini-rant here about painted lady and blue spirit, because that’s something that’s always bugged me:

people go all “OMG PAINTED LADY/BLUE SPIRIT PARALLELS” but honestly, if you think about it, zuko’s disguise is paralleled way more with toph’s as the blind bandit - both of them coming from well-to-do families and trying to escape the person they have to be with their families using their disguises to gain a little bit of freedom. people say “katara and zuko both put on disguises to help people!”, but uh, since when did zuko use the blue spirit disguise to help anyone? he did it to capture aang and then in book 2 he did it to steal food and fend for himself. aside from both of them donning masks, i’m sorry, but there really isn’t any parallel between zuko and katara as the blue spirit and the painted lady.

now, if you look at what they were used for, the painted lady disguise is way more paralleled to kuzon - both katara and aang were going against the gaang’s wishes/advice to help the people in the town or the school, to help everyday fire nation citizens in some way. they really used them for the same purpose.

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