"… or Valentine would have broken her long since. "

He may remain on good behavior with his new girlfriend even longer than he did with you because he is motivated by his campaign against you.  Of course, his other side will slip out sooner or later, but by that time he can blame it all on how badly you have hurt him.  His girlfriend thus gets sucked into breaking her back trying to prove that she’s a good woman— unlike you.  She hopes that if if she demonstrates her loyalty to him, he’ll become loving and available to her once again.  So she wants to show him she is really there for him by joining with— or even outdoing— his hostility toward and blaming of you.

Why Does He DO That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men- Lundy Bancroft

Answering the question of how the friends and new partner of your abuser tend to be snowed by him and come after you just as viciously and in some cases, totally outdoing your abuser’s viciousness toward you.

The Weight Shawn Mendes: Niall

5/5 song Prefs

Niall laid in his bed, he glanced at the clock on his bedside table, it read 2:47am. He always found himself up at the most ungodly hours thinking about y/n. He wanted so badly to have her laying next time him, because he slept better with her by his side. His phone started to blast [insert song that is super sad and makes you think of an ex or Niall]. His heart fell out of his chest, onto the floor and slid under his bed. “Yeah” he answered hoarsely. “Niall” she cried, he could tell she was drunk and had been crying. “what’s wrong” he asked sitting up in his bed. “I miss you so much and I love you and I’m so sorry I cheated, I just want to be with you so bad Niall. Please let me come over.” She cried. “you’ve been drinking y/n” he rejected her plea. His doorbell rang and he knew all too well that it would be her. He hung up the phone and headed downstairs. When he opened the door she still had the phone up to her ear begging for forgiveness. Niall wrapped his arms around y/n and carried her inside. She smelled of alcohol and depression, something he was used to smelling on himself. “Niall!! You came. I’m so sorry” she cried. “You can sleep here tonight, I’m going to bed” he said dryly, putting a cover on the couch for her. “Please stay” y/n whined. “Not unless you take a shower, you don’t smell too good” he said half laughing. She rolled her eyes and allowed him to help her up. He undressed her and put her in the shower making sure the water sprayed her from head to toe. “Here, wash” he barked handing y/n a rag. “Why don’t you love me Niall?” She sobbed in the shower, he ignored her and walked out of the bathroom, letting the door slam. She jumped but continued to wash. When y/n was clean and a little more sober she emerged from the bathroom in some of his sweats and walked to his room. “I’m sorry” she said. “you’ve said that already” he said. “No I’m sorry for coming here, I know you don’t want to see me. But sometimes I miss you Niall and sometimes I want to come back so badly. But I don’t know what to do and I just wish you would just wait and give me time to figure out how to get out of this with him” y/n’s words came out like word vomit. “I’m not going to continue to wait for you y/n last time I did that you ended up leaving again.” Niall whimpered. “This time is different, I’m different: she cried into him. “Get some sleep y/n” he replied pulling her into his chest. For the first time in months he was able to fall asleep without wondering what if. Because he knew should leave tomorrow without a word and be back in three months doing the same thing, but tonight she as his.