“When you ask, “Why?”  unless you include the whole reality of existence found so easily in the world around us, the only logical answer is Because…

The Blue Knights are proud to announce their 2015 program, “Because…

With musical selections from:
“Because” - John Lennon and Paul McCartney
“Rush” -  Jay Bocook, Kevin Shah, Mike Jackson
“Apres Moi” -  Regina Spektor
“I’m Alive” -  Adam Watts
“Fly to Paradise” - Eric Whitacre



anonymous asked:

tell me more of your Vision feelings/thoughts pls


I mean, he was introduced in the clumsiest way possible–the sheer magnitude of backlash against AOU has been a little exhausting, but I do agree that the movie could not commit to Tony being Wrong and have him suffer the consequences of his actions. For Tony to “redeem” himself by doing the exact same thing as what landed them in the situation in the first place is…unsatisfying, and unfortunate within the scope of the movie.

From a character standpoint, I could have used about six scenes of Tony being like “um….are you JARVIS? are you someone else? am I your creator or your father or your–what, exactly?” and thor having the same conversation, because thor has historically had issues with the brothers who live in his shadow, and that would have been something I would have liked to see, a kind of tentative friendship/mentorship/brotherhood between them



we all knew I was gone the second that Vision said “Humans are odd…but there is grace in their fate. I think you missed that.”

(like oh my god robot husband how dare??? you are already christmas tree colors this is just personally attacking me as a human being who has feelings about human beings that is not allowed)

and so now I need several hundred thousand words of this creature that was once JARVIS that is now….something else, learning–not how to be human, but how to be a thing unto itself/himself, and what it’s like to be part of the world as opposed to taking in data from it, to have even artificial nerve endings, to have plastic mirror neurons (he’s never felt with someone) and the complex relationship with science and magic, tony and thor, and just everything, I will take everything.

It’s annoying that you use so many tags. Can you please stop. I don’t care about that trigger warning bullshit.
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