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  • Orphan Black:*exists*

The Doctor and Clara face their Last Christmas! Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus! Here’s a list of where and when ‘Last Christmas’ is premiering globally-

UK- December 25th at 6:15 GMT on BBCOne.
USA- December 25th at 9/8c on BBC America.
CAN- December 25th at 9/8c on Space
GER- December 25th at 9:30 CET on Fox
AUS- December 26th at 7:30 AEDT on ABC1
ZA- December 27th at 7:05 SAST on BBC Entertainment

Easter is this Sunday and we’re going to celebrate by decorating Easter eggs with our favorite BBC America shows! 

You can draw your own or you can download our template herePost your BBC America themed eggs any time on or before Sunday with the hashtag #Easter BBCA and we’ll be reblogging them to all of our blogs throughout the weekend. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • TARDIS egg
  • Fe’s apartment egg
  • Sarah Mannegg
  • D’artanegg 
  • Graham Norton egg
  • Pengwing egg
  • Dalegg (because then you can say “EGGSTERMINATE”) 

We’re excited to see what everyone makes. 

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Netflix Renews Deal for ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Luther,’ More BBC Series

Fans of British television can rest easy. Following numerous reports that Netflix and the BBC were parting ways, the streaming service has clarified that many of its most popular Brit series are staying put.

In response to headlines that beloved series “Doctor Who,” “Luther,” the original “The Office” and more were going to be dropped from the service at the end of the month, a Netflix spokeswoman tells Variety that such reports were false.

Among the shows that will still be available on Netflix are classic and current “Doctor Who” series, “Luther,” “Top Gear” seasons 17 through 20, “Torchwood,” “Wallander,” “Keeping Up Appearances,” and the original “Office” and “House of Cards” series.

[Click here for the full article and list of titles that are staying!]

Thanksgiving is this week, and when we think about Thanksgiving a lot of thoughts come to mind- spending time with loved ones, reflecting on what we’re thankful for, being nice and cozy in our houses, eating a lot of delicious food-

And also- HAND TURKEYS. From BBC America? 

This week we’re drawing hand turkeys! If you’d like to participate you can trace your own hand our download our template here if that’s easier, and feel free to write what you’re thankful for on it as well (we’re thankful for jelly babies, asymmetrical haircuts, exploding cars, and brightly colored talk show studios.) 

Post it with the hashtag #Thanksgiving BBCA and we’ll be reblogging them to all of our blogs throughout the week and all day on Thanksgiving (this Thursday!)

We think some of our blogs might want to participate too, and we’re excited to see what everyone makes.