If all this was a work of fiction… the guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras. But, regardless… we got to play… volleyball.


Does the sky still look the same to you, Punpun?


"No British monarch, has lived as long as Elizabeth the 2nd, traveled as far, met as many people, seen as much change within society and within the monarchy itself."

Princess Eugenie: "The thing about Granny is that she’s moved with the times, and I think people are sort of astounded by her."

"Only one other monarch has celebrated 60 years on the throne; a Diamond Jubilee. But while Victoria spent much of her reign out of sight, her great-great granddaughter understands that a modern sovereign must be seen to be believed. That monarchy is a team effort, and that it will only endure if it remains relevant and useful; with a personal touch too." 

Let me start off by saying that Klaine means the world to me.

I was in a dark dark place in my life when i first started shipping Klaine. At first, I just watched the show because Kurt and Blaine were so adorable together. But while I was bawling my heart out due to the heartache and due to the fucked up relationship that I was in, Klaine was there… a beacon of true love at the time.

I squealed upon seeing their first kiss. I wasn’t active on tumblr then but I knew that I was hooked.

I grew up with them. Being in a different country- in Asia no less- meant that I couldn’t go to tours or drive to sets hoping I could meet my heroes. Although people see Klaine as a breakthrough couple for being a teenage gay couple, I clung to Klaine for different reasons.

Klaine was true love in my eyes.

Klaine was a relationship I can only hope to have. To find your soulmate in a dark dark time in your life.

Fast forward five years later… Along with everyone else, I’m on this weird glee roller coaster. I hated most of the things on glee but one thing still remains…


Seeing all these ‘goodbye glee’ pictures, I feel like my heart is being torn into two. Another chapter of my life is closing now that Glee is ending. While part of me is ecstatic that this show is /finally/ ending, I can’t help but cry because that would mean that I have to say goodbye.

I have to say goodbye to looking out for spoilers, giggling like a teenager when i see a klaine duet coming up.

I have to say goodbye to waiting for screenshots of the recent episodes.

Because even if I try to wean myself off of klaine, I’m in too deep. They mean the world to me.

And right now, All I feel is so much pain. I guess I’ve been too emotionally invested in this couple. I just… I can’t even process much anymore…

I just can’t say goodbye… Ill never say goodbye.

Beside that my birthday was awful. I woke up to my parents arguing (as always) and because of that my dad no longer wanted to do anything. Therefore I didn’t get to spend the day with him like I was hoping to do. I went to lunch with my grandparents and wasn’t allowed to pick where, which is whatever because I’m happy they even cared enough to take me out. But then I got dragged around town running errands with them. Spent two hours in a mattress store. Went to the mall I wanted to go to but we ran in and out for something my gram wanted and I didn’t get look go to the only store I wanted to. I had no friends to hang out with. First year no one sang happy birthday to me. My mom decided to go to work instead of spend the day with me, she had the day off. I bawled my eyes out before 9:30 this morning. And then cried 5 more times. I didn’t get to do anything I wanted to. I thought last year was a shitty birthday because my boyfriend at the time made me cry the whole day but this years is by far the worse

How much I miss my grandma and how I didn’t get to see her one last time can make my mood go from laughing my butt off to bawling my eyes out.