The Weekend is HERE!!!

You know what that means??? I get to do run 2 10k’s.  Yup, you read right, 2 10ks one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Saturday’s race is part of the YuKanRun series and I am super excited to keep racking up the points for this since I will be running the Half with Kimijoy.

Sunday’s race is the BAA 10K, the inaugural BAA 10k.  This is all kinds of amazing since I will meeting up with thereluctantrunner and will be running alongside, behind, way behind the current Boston Marathon champions, Geoffrey Mutai and Caroline Killel.  I know they will finish in about 30 mins, but still, its great knowing I am running what they ran (even if eons earlier). 

Its going to be a hell of a weekend filled with running, moving, IKEA, friends and brother (who is visiting next week, yay!).

Have a great weekend and good luck on your long runs.


Finished the BAA 10k today. Nike was a little off. HUGELY hugely impressed with my time, 1:06:22! I really pushed, like really pushed. I didn’t stop at water stations which were every mile. Simply grabbed and ran. People thought it was hot, which, I guess so, but it’s June 23rd in Boston, it could’ve been a lot worse. My really good friend Sage, who is also a runner and was supposed to run with me but didn’t because the race sold out in .2 secs instead came in and offered to drive me to the start!!! She’s the best, seriously. Then she even stayed and cheered me on, it was amazing!! I love love loved it. 

Overall it was a great race and I couldn’t be more pleased. My 5k time was 32:22 I think. 32 something. Which, two years ago when I ran the BAA 5k I finished in 35:55. Like WHAT? That’s amazing progress to me. I’m hoping I look back at 1:06:22 and think it is slow eventually, but for now I am hugely impressed by myself. I was hoping to beat a 1:10 finish. Wooo!

I was a little cold after, like getting the chills, which according to my friend meant I was dehydrated. So I sucked down 3 waters (yes, 3) and a gatorade. Thankfully I ended up being able to pee very shortly after and warmed up so it was good.

Then I went and checked out SOWA, which, decidedly  when I have money to spare I will spend loads of money at.

Long Runs, Cross Training and Summertime...

Let me tell you something about marathon training… you are forced to come head to head with many things.

First off, the actual physical discomfort of running for 3 hours straight is something that you need to come to terms with pretty fast. I would be lying if I said my last 16 miler was truly fun. I work up at 5:30AM on a Sunday, was out on the road by 6AM, and spent almost 3 hours running in circles around Lake Q. Now, it’s a gorgeous loop, and my marathon is 8 loops around the lake, so running the loops makes me very familiar with where the uneven sidewalks and the potholes are. It’s nice to know that there is a water fountain just 1.5 miles away.

But the bigger thing I’ve had to come head to head with, are my thoughts. Even while listening to some upbeat pop songs for a good chunk of my run, my mind swiftly wanders from what I wanted to eat right after, to what I want to do for the rest of the day, to what went wrong in my last relationship.

The last one came out of the blue. All of a sudden “Part of Me” by Katy Perry (go ahead. Judge. Pandora totally knows when I’m on my long runs and it’s fantastic), and I remember the day when my ex started packing up his things and moved to NYC. He dumped me on the phone two days later, after 5 years of dating. Virtually all my friends from college swiftly disappeared from my life. 

Also, this thought process happened at like mile 12. Along with a massive blister that was forming right on my arch. 

I didn’t want to relive it. But, suddenly, I found myself at ease. Thinking about all the awesome thing that have happened in my life since then. I made tons of new friends, experienced the city and what New England has to offer, and I managed to turn my life from a six-pack-a-day to a 60 minute workout a day. I’ve met some of the most incredible people, including my boyfriend and his son. 

At mile 14, I have no idea what it was, but I almost started to cry. Let’s call it a mix of leg cramps, exhaustion and self realization.

At mile 16, I was at my front door. Smiling ear to ear. I was also wondering how the heck I was going to manage to walk up the flight of stairs into my apartment.

Other than that emotional breakthrough, I have truly realized the importance of cross training. I can tell that the harder I work in my run, and in a spin class or strength class, the better and more efficient I can move. I’m glad I got the membership, and I can’t wait to start balancing everything out.

Blake and I have been coming home from work and either playing catch or soccer, which has been a nice change from coming home and plopping down on the couch. Summertime really is my favorite time of year. Even if we don’t have air conditioning.

This weekend I run in my 3rd BAA 10K! Goal? Under 56 Minutes.

B.A.A 10K: Official time - 52:17!!!! :)

Wow, this 10K was such a good run for me!! I never expected I would get this time, I was going to settle for anything less than maybe 56 min…but I really did surprise myself on race day. 

I didn’t ever think I would be able to maintain less than a 9 min pace for 6 miles, but with this time my average pace was 8:24:30! :D

We had to self seed ourselves into the corrals, so I was debating going into the 9 -9:59 min per mile range or the 8 - 8:59 min per mile range… I’m so glad I went with the 8 min mile. I definitely went out a bit too fast, but that group kept me going. It was a pretty warm day, but having run the Boston Marathon in 95 degree heat, it didn’t bother me too much. I noticed my legs getting tired by the half way point, and I wanted to slow down so bad…but I said to myself, “Come on, it’s only 6 miles! Push yourself!”

I really did push myself. I sprinted in the last .2 miles, and when I crossed the finish line I almost fell over from dizziness. I was so dehydrated - I grabbed water twice along the course but poured it over myself, so naturally none of it really got in my mouth at all. I got my medal at the end and it felt like it took an eternity to walk over to the water. I downed a bottle of lemon lime gatorade and some food, which was such a bad idea - I had some interesting stomach issues after that, haha. Oh well, you live and learn. 

Here are my race stats:

5K check point was 26:02 - must have done something right with my pacing! 

T-shirt and medal!

I was so incredibly happy with this run. It’s great to come out of a race feeling accomplished - I almost felt defeated after the marathon (due to my time), so this was a bit more enjoyable.

My boyfriend is a runner, and a ridiculously fast one at that (his 2011 Boston Marathon time was 3:03:14!) But he made a bet with me that I could break 54 min. He’s been running for 8 years, so I know he knows what he’s talking about… but I completely didn’t believe him at all. He said that if I did break 54 min, he’d buy me a food processor, since I’ve been wanting one for a while. We shook on it, and I was like, there’s no way…

When discussing my time, I was like, “I never thought I would run that time!”

He said, “I did, that’s why I made that bet with you…!”

So in addition to a feeling of pride and accomplishment, an awesome medal and a cool t-shirt… I also get a food processor. :) 

BAA 10k

BAA 10k run by Adam was a success!

Adam ran the BAA 10k over the weekend and came away with some great results.  Even though this is his first 10k (PR, BABY!) he still ran a very smart and very strong race – and even had some left over at the end!

“I really felt good (probably too good by the end). My final kilometer I was feeling fresh enough to kick it up and go harder. I think I could have ran harder in general but I wanted to…

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I finally have the appropriate way to express the type of progress that I have made. The left is me finishing the BAA 5k in 2011 in 35:55. The right is me, two years and one month later in 2013, finishing the 10k with a 32:25 minute 5k time. Looking at the pictures kind of makes me want to cry although I’m not really sure why. See what two years and over a thousand miles logged can do?

I need to run another race.

I was thinking earlier about how I miss training. I miss putting in a set mileage for the day or week and having a goal in mind. I miss feeling that sense of pride and accomplishment when I cross a week off of training and can say with confidence that I didn’t skip a single run. 

I was contemplating signing up for the BAA 10K on June 24th, but when I saw the registration fee I was like, ugh…I really can’t afford to spend that right now. 

And then I got this really awesome, sweet message from a girl I was not necessarily close with in High School. We were on the Varsity Cheerleading squad together and were both Captains for Junior and Senior year.

This is what the message read:

“Hey, I know this is random and we haven’t talked in forever. But I constantly see you on my news feed. I just wanted to let you know when I run by your page I am inspired! I remember when we used to have to run in cheerleading and hated it (myself too, I am no runner.. lol). A mile alone was treacherous! You have come so far and just wanted to tell you to keep it up. I wish I could do what you did! Congrats”

I was seriously not expecting a message like this at all…it honestly brightened my night! I took it as a sign that I need to keep running.

I registered for the BAA 10K tonight, even though my bank account is crying right now. 

So, here we go. 10K will be like nothing, it should be fun! Who else is running this?

BAA 10K take 2

Yesterday was the BAA 10K. I ran this event last year, and this year, was hoping to come in at around the hour mark.

That didn’t happen, but I did improve my time by 30 seconds.

I’m a little disappointed at the run though. If you read back to my recount of this run last year, you will know that my runner partner stopped for a bathroom break at the first mile.

Yup, that happened again. I decided to wait for her, and we would continue running. I like having someone next to me that can push the pace with me.

The thing is, I was pushing the pace. I am not used to that.

It was also RIDICULOUSLY HOT. Like, it was a hot 78 degrees when the run started at 8:00AM. It only got hotter and muggier. Stops at water stops were needed, or else I wasnt going to make it.

But a funny thing happened, I ran the WHOLE thing, including the stupid incline up BU West Campus. I trained, I put the miles in. 

At no point in the race did I feel like I was running as fast as I could, and if I could run it again, I would at least pick up the pace a little bit more, after my running partner stopped unexpectedly to walk.

However, another thing started to play a role around mile 4 - the outside of my knee started KILLING me.  Looking back, I was dodging people for most of the run, so I might have side stepped the wrong way, at a wrong angle and strained my IT band (which is what it feels like). Plenty of rest and icing will be happening today, and maybe i;ll go for a short run tomorrow, just to see if it still bothers me. I want to do a yoga class tonight to see if it can stretch and make my IT band feel better.

All in all - the 10K was a good run, I beat my time from last year, which means I’m improving. It was an emotional run, as it was the first BAA event after the Boston Marathon, and I definitely cried when 7,000 runners started singing the national anthem. The crowd that came out to cheer us along Comm Ave and around the Public Garden was amazing, and again almost made me cry. BAA prints your name on your bib - so the amount of people that were screaming your name during the final stretch was amazing. Made me feel like a rockstar.

But enough rambling. It was a good run, could have been better, and now i’m resting my knee and IT band, and hopefully I’ll be right back at it soon!


Dans moins d’un mois je vais courir les 10K de Boston. Donc en ce moment je cours trois à quatre fois par semaine (de plus je commence l’entrainement du semi-marathon). Le plus complique c’est la chaleur de ces derniers jours. La température est encore autour des 25 degrés à 19h30.

In less than a month, I will be running the BAA 10K (6.2 miles). Which means that I am running three to four times a week (plus, I start my training for the half marathon). The most challenging lately is the weather. Even after 7:30pm the temperature is high (25 degrees Celsius).