Adobe just bought itself the best Christmas gift of 2013: the Bēhance network. This company provides the internet’s best portfolio solution, and boasts a fantastic iPhone app. I’ve been using Bēhance for some time and have been continually impressed. Adobe is a major engine in the creative world; these resources combined should strengthen Adobe significantly. We saw how swiftly and elegantly Google integrated Sparrow. If Adobe can likewise beef up their Creative Cloud offering with deep portfolio integration designers and creatives are in for a treat in 2013.

My purely speculative wish list:
  • Direct portfolio export from CS apps
  • Desktop portfolio app with tight Creative Cloud Integration
  • Social file-sharing options
  • Significant advances to the Prosite feature
Custom Die Cutting


I can’t think of how many times I’ve needed to create a custom die cut—either for personal work, or mock-ups. Sure it can be expensive clients, but when done well, it can be a fairly easy sell. And as for personal work like self promotion pieces… what’s stopping you?

The people at Design Instruct have compiled a few creative approaches to using die cuts successfully in the article “7 Creative Ideas for Custom Die Cutting.” It’s definitely worth a read.

[Image courtesy of Andrew Mancini via Bēhance]

H.J. Haddy & Associates - Behance Portfolio


Check out my Graphic Design & Web Design work on my Bēhance Portfolio. Just uploaded this little project created for a client in Perth, Western Australia. More images to add to the show, but that’s a little hard when your 1/2 way around the planet!

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