It crossed my mind that perhaps the best time to make a decision was not while living and breathing tequila.” Awkward Beat

If you’ve never read “Awkward Beat”, I tried to make this as spoiler-free as possible. I put this video together in hopes that it would motivate someone to go off and read it seeing as this is honestly the BEST fan fiction I’ve ever read. It makes you laugh, cry, and scream into your pillow at 4 AM. I usually have no interest in OCs but right from the get-go I REALLY liked Fitz’s character. All I’m asking is for you to read the first chapter of AB and see if you like it. And trust me, you will.

(I thought AnnaSophia Robb seemed fitting for Macy and Candice Swanepoel felt pretty Lola-ish!)


2 & 3/∞ favorite passages from Awkward Beat/Pregnant Pause, chapter nine & twenty-seven:

"Do you ever use my body wash when I’m not here? Sometimes I use yours when I’m at your place. It smells like you. Or you smell like it."


"My teeth grazed the sensitive skin of her neck and I realized she smelled familiar. Like my body wash. Like me. I nearly lost it then and there."

bunny - listen to this playlist here

Basically, my aim for this playlist was to show the growth and development of Harry and Fitz’s relationship from AB to PP; these songs just reminded me so much of them. (Sorry there are so many songs, but I felt not one of them deserved to not be included)

This is an ode to Cat’s wonderful duo of Harry Styles and June Fitzpatrick and their crazy ride through uni and through their lives together. I really hope you enjoy, especially you, Cat.

Technicolour // Mumm-ra (the song that’s inspired me the most, the lyrics should explain why)

She’s So Mean // Matchbox 20 (to me, Fitz)

She Moves in Her Own Way // The Kooks (those late night drinks)

Berlin // New Politics

Sweet and Low // Augustana

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop // Landon Pigg

Flaws // Bastille

Upside Down // Jack Johnson

I’ll Be There For You // THe Rembrandts (watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s. together)

10 Stubborn Love // The Lumineers

11 You // The 1975

12 Home // Mumford and Sons (even that dinky twin bed)

13 High for This (The Weeknd Cover) // Ellie Goulding (drunk)

14 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room // John Mayer (the moment Harry realises he’s in love with Fitz)

15 KIDS // Mikky Ekko

16 What Makes You Beautiful (Cover) // The 1975

17 Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran

18 Certain Things // James Arthur

19 Truly Madly Deeply // One Direction

20 Dirty Paws // Of Mice and Men

21 Let Her Go // Passenger (to California)

22 Sweater Weather // The Neighborhood (reminds me of Harry’s plaid flannel more or less)

23 Don’t Let Me Go // Harry Styles

24 Wherever You Are // 5 Seconds of Summer (this is more of a song for Niall and Finley)

25 Something Great // One Direction (their Skype calls)

26 Endlessly // The Cab (worth fighting for)

27 A Certain Romance // Arctic Monkeys

28 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) // Slow Club (Christmas at the Fitzpatricks’)

29 Ready for Anything // Landon Austin

hope everyone’s having a nice holiday! 

anonymous asked:

hey I was wondering what your favorite fics are thanks :)

yayy :) im literally so excited i love talking/reading/discussing fics. okay i’ll warn you i have quite a list. some of these fics are on the 1dff website and might require an account and it takes like twelve seconds to make an account so dont let that discourage you. i like mostly boy/girl so yeah


awkward beat is by green and yellow on the 1dff website, this is probably my favorite fic ever it is complete and its sequel pregnant pause is also rad as hell

intrinsic gray is by birthofabook also on the 1dff website. i recently read this and i probably love this more than i love my dog it may or may not be tied for my favorite i will not decide

just anchor and hope by aboutfalling i really got into this story on 1dff and its sequel when we sink, we float

ode to naked popstars is by oparadis who has quite a lot of fics i think. i liked this fic and im pretty sure she has about three chapters on a sequel which is always a bonus.

1999 is also by birthofabook tbh i wasnt crazy about this one, dont get me wrong i liked it but it was so different from everything ive ever read. that can be good or bad depending on your perspective i suppose.

Recently hidden has just finished up and if im going to recommend anything it would be that. it’s by seasidestyles on wattpad it’s an au and I can’t give anything away but it’s fantastic

maps by catarineeem not a serious recomendation but i liked the dialogue and its not the everyday cliche story and it made me happy


psychotic by weyhey_harry now everyone is obsessed with this i like it because its different tbfh its not as amazing as its hyped up to be but i guess its a matter of opinion also this is on wattpad

perfect teeth is amazing it makes me so happy. it’s by sylvia wrath and im pretty sure she updates quite a bit

once upon a time by youreinreality which is fairly new and holy shittttttt its about disneyworld and im pretty pumped because i love disney and one direction so boom

IM REALLY UPSET ABOUT THIS ONE paper dolls by hughazza ugh [aggressive grunting] listen its been like three months since she’s update but the story is very good i kinda love it a lot and i think she wrote like fifteen chapters so dont let it being incomplete scare you its still soooo good

almost there this is by mindovermatter who writes really good and the story is fantastic yep yep go read it

roommate mixup by dark queen of awesomeness i really appreciate her name wow. this story has 8 chapters and she updates pretty regularly and idk man i like it

(sharing beds) like little kids by honest im going to be honest and tell you how fucking amazing this story is im literally in love with it also the author is fantastic with character development and she’s so funny I really really recommend this one

worth the fight by pll213 has probably one of my all time favorite friendships in it i get emotional just thinking about it

Et Al. is by iPodapalooza and actually not my typical harry story ((she likes hot liam tbh) its so funny and idk i thought it was good enough said

sugar on the asphalt is by aboutfalling and this is funny because I read like the first seven chapters but somehow I lost it and I found it again the plot is hella funny nd yes mucho big recommend


wow im feeling very happy so im including fics i plan to read:

most of oparadis' stories

my girl by ashleytate

someday, someday by kateybee

crash land by ktrssss1

tease the boys & make them cry by nialls-bra

not that easy by doncastasexmasta

also if u would like i can update this periodically and link it /tagged/ficrecs :)