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Pictured above: Nimona, Gunnerkrigg Court, Lackadaisy, The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal, Ava’s Demon

PERSONAL WEBCOMIC AWARDS, in case anyone else loves these online serial demonstrations of imagination and talent:

Best Overall: Nimona
-A young shapeshifter volunteers to be sidekick for the evil Lord Blackheart against his foe and once friend, Lord Goldenloin. Science and middle ages setting; funny, unique, fascinating, good art.

Most beautiful: Lackadaisy
-A prohibition/jazz age era tale in St. Louis with many characters, but beginning with beautiful Mitzi May trying to keep her husband’s speakeasy going. Also, they’re all cats.

Best Story: The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
-A young Indian-American man comes out to his family and in the aftermath leaves Berkeley to drive to Boston. He picks up a mysterious, eccentric stranger and their enlightening friendship becomes something more.
*Only one so far I own the volumes of.
*Also, nsfw in a few pages.

Funniest: Paranatural
-A family (girl, boy, single dad) move to a new town with a surprising amount of spiritual action, and the son runs headfirst into a school activity club dedicated to keeping the spirits in order. Hi-larious, and good plot.

Most Professional: Dresden Codak
-A genius young daughter of a famous scientist experiments with living technology and space/time. The first big storyline is majorly educational, and the second is very intriguing.
*Downside is that it takes forever to update. Upside is the guy runs a tumblr and does tons of Silmarillion/superhero illustrations.

Cutest: JL8 
-The Justice League in 1st grade or so. Super adorable, on point with character, and funny too!

Most unusual: Ava’s Demon
-Ava is on an school planet when there’s a catastrophe and she realizes the demon that has always invisibly haunted her is actually the ghost of a defeated alien empress who wishes to reunite her army and take down the galaxy-spanning hegemon of Titan. Unusual in format and also in scope.

Most improved: Gunnerkrigg Court
-The art starts off not so good, but we are now on Chapter 49 and the story grows in complexity (it was always good) and the art is fresh and solid. Antimony Carver starts school at a mysterious, wood-lined academy with robots, ghosts, and a coyote god jumping in and out of everyday life.

I read many others that I like (Broodhollow, H&J, Oglaf, Doomsday My Dear, 28 Days, Roomie, etc.) but these are the tip top of it all. Hope you check them out!

Medium sized - 2014 09 02 - London - GQ Awards by Lia Toby

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Caption not available, but the event is :

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 02:  Benedict Cumberbatch attends the GQ Men Of The Year awards in association with Hugo Boss at The Royal Opera House on September 2, 2014 in London, England.

Damn watermarks ! 2014 09 02 - London - GQ Men Of The Year Awards by James Peltekian

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[ Karin says : ]     Sorry about the blurry spots all over the picture. I hope someday there will be a clearer version of this image …

Headline : GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014

James Peltekian for Evening Standard

Damn Watermarks ! 2014 09 02 - London - GQ Men Of The Year Awards by Dominic O’Neill / Desmond O’Neill

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Caption : Left to right, SAMUEL L JACKSON and BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH at the GQ Men Of The Year 2014 Awards in association with Hugo Boss held at The Royal Opera House, London on 2nd September 2014. Dominic O’Neill.

One Direction has been nominated in FOUR categories at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards. The show will be held in Glasgow and will air on November 9th, 2014. The easiest and fastest way to vote is to click on the picture and vote for the boys in all categories. Or click here to get to each category: