New concept art for characters in What We Learned at Rokudai, as portrayed by @sakura-rose12 (thanks as always for your hard work on this commission!)

Some of these are revised versions of SRU characters, while others are entirely new. Here’s a breakdown of their concepts:

1) Robin Nakashima-Gallagher
Very directly inspired by Ashley of the Nintendo series ‘Another Code’ aka 'Trace Memory,’ right down to the deliberate mixed-race aspect, though in her case, both parents were too stubborn to give up their names. The design and pose on the left image is very directly taken from what I worked on with Shannon for that short story I did a while back. I spent so much time working on my own interpretation of that character, I got attached to it and want to use that with some revisions that I’ve already started writing that show up in Chapter 10, which I plan to post this evening!
Nothing Robin said ever fucking mattered. Not even to herself.
Robin is the quiet girl who mumbles and mutters, who never commits and never gets involved, never stands up for herself, etc. She embodies weakness and self-doubt, and while I’m not quite sure where her story will take her, I know Aaron will be involved directly, as he deals with similar issues, though he’s more socially active than she is. I always regretted that Aaron’s character felt baked than the rest of the main cast, and I’m hoping giving him someone with similar issues (to contrast Coral, who is his opposite) will help me bolster his own character arc a bit more. It’s a frustrating predicament, dealing with development of a character when their entire dilemma hinges around “I’m boring and plain and quiet,” but this is super important and I feel a LOT of youth who would get exposed to this world feel similar frustration. Hopefully, Aaron’s story and Robin’s alike will be able to help offer some ideas to consider for those kinds of situations.

Robin gets introduced as one of Juniper’s colleagues in the music department – similar to Maya being connected to Aaron through art. She’ll get pulled into the 'girl band’ side thing that Ruka starts up, and that will be her 'in’ to the story. Like the others here, I won’t be trying to hide my influence, but obviously I plan to do my own stuff and spin my own tale. While she’ll have frustration with her dad, her mother will be alive and well, for example. She’ll be into music and be dealing with similar issues as Ashley was in my short story – plus, I’m planning on bringing along that 'black-outs’ issue and doing something more meaningful with it than I could accomplish in that short story.

Basically, this is a rare case where the act of writing a short story directly inspired me to rehaul the concepts and remix them into something else.

Give it time and maybe we’ll see a repurposed GoGo Tomago in a similar fashion? Who knows.

2) Bella Gomez

Bella’s a complete retooling of a character concept I had back in college for Goombella of the Mario universe – a side story radio play of sorts I even had voice actors audition for, once upon a time (which reminds me, maybe Rokudai or at least parts of it could WORK in that format?). While the spirit of seeking knowledge and being into archeology will be in tact, I’ve yet to see what kind of girl Bella turns out to be, or exactly what her role in the story will turn into. But I do hope to use her to express and explore themes regarding mental instability.

3) Kylee Moretti & Indika Rabten

Rokudai readers have already been introduced to the dynamic of these two.

I’m not hiding in any way that Kylee is directly inspired by the TV show’s Ty Lee, though I’d say even in her SRU form I gave her more development than the TV show had time for, though admittedly never quite as much as I wanted to. This time around she’s going to be Maya’s romantic partner, while her older brother, Indika, is going to have a complex tension regarding their relationship. Indika is old enough to be Kylee’s parent just about, which is sure to make their sibling relationship somewhat outside the norm.

Indika will be a fusion of SRU!Tenzin/Zuko/Azula, all rolled into one character whose story/plot functions will be like an abbreviation of all of those three – SRU!Azula’s tug-of-war relationship with SRU!Ty-Lee, Zuko’s pessimism and grumpiness while striving to bring positive change, and Tenzin’s familial situation and political position (which will still be important to Coral’s character arc).

On top of all this, there’s of course the dynamic of Kylee’s family being so mixed, ethnically and culturally. Ex. she’s prominently Italian on her father’s side, likely Indian on her mother’s, while Indika is much more noticeably Middle-Eastern in his genealogy, as he was born from a different father.

4) Hideki Kurosawa

There’s not really much about this character’s design that needed changing. Interpretations for SRU already softened the man’s features. His role has been revised, though, as he is Maya’s uncle (SRU!Zuko & Azula no longer exist), which will lend some different situations for sagely-old-man-monologues to come into play.

5) Nestor, Manu, and Mallory (the League)

Here, they’re depicted playing League of Legends, a group activity they have going with Siku and Katrina. They are loosely inspired by Teo, Haru, and Mal the Ghost Witch, all minor characters in ATLA universe (the latter only existing as a trading card).

There’s probably something symbolic you could read into Nestor correlating to Earthbound, and I’m deliberately wanting there to be cues that signify his inspiration thereof.


The Avatar

Its who your are on youtube. What you do, how you do it, and it acts as part of your larger brand. My moniker is Muffins. So clearly I should be a derpy little muffin based character. 

But as with many things in design, the first iteration isnt always the best. As is the case with my first rough draft of what I’ll call “Classy Muffins”. Speaking with others I think we agree the head needs more pastry ruffles or bumps. With perhaps a smaller top hat, and more shading details. 


Made a Rose Quartz inspired Gaia Online avatar concept. Since Gaia Online has very limited options for this certain body type, torso gems, and poofy like curls, please forgive me for not being able to find the items. This isn’t supposed to be Rose Quartz herself, but just an inspiration based on her. I do apologize to the Steven Universe fandom in advance..

By the way, I’m still binge watching the show, but I’m in love with the show so far~. I hope you have a good day!


Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar/Cartoon Network.

anonymous asked:

But if a future avatars connection to the past avatars was severed, would that mean you would be technically set free? To either be reborn or to travel to the spirit world? -Same anon as katara being struck with lightning (I should get a nick name)

    Dear Lightening Anon, 

     I’ve tried to explain it, but for some reason it doesn’t go through, but I shall try again. 

    For the reincarnation and Avatar concept, you need to reject the idea that each person has their OWN soul. Aang doesn’t have his own soul and Korra doesn’t have her own. The soul inside Korra WAS the same soul Aang had

    That’s how reincarnation works. You couldn’t have a ‘past life’ without having the same soul. 

    So Aang’s spirit wouldn’t be ‘set free’. It wasn’t a prisoner. Aang’s spirit is inside Korra. That’s the concept of rebirth. You can’t have a past life or a next life without it being, well, you

     Korra’s connection was severed, which to me, means the memories were beaten out of Raava. The soul inside Korra was still the same soul Aang had. 

    And the Spirit World isn’t like… ghosts. Those spirits aren’t like, dead people. Their…. not human beings…. like… I’m not sure how to explain it. But they’re not ghosts. 

     But Aang’s spirit isn’t floating around the world. It’s sitting inside Korra. Just like it sat inside Roku, and Kyoshi, and so on. 

   Just remember when Toph met Korra for the first time and said, “It’s good to see you again, Twinkle Toes.” She recognized Aang’s spirit as Korra.

julius-b asked:

2, 15, 19, 23, 27 and 44

Yey!! questions to answer! Let’s see…

2. Do you have a personal favourite among your OCs?

It’s hard to me to define a favourite ‘cuz I eventually try to get to have fun drawing them all. Between the girls I like Sybil, Shui, Lilith and possibly a couple more and between the boys I like everyone almost 8| Vincent, Shiro, Rian, Shion, Kuro, hell even Biram gets fun in my head, lol.

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?

I do (secretly) but I don’t like to bother with it if they’re not interested, I’m willing to use any other topics that they want!

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)

Sybil (my avatar), she represents the concept of double face and personality I always liked but never had the chance to show until the past year, plus the self conflicts you can always have with yourself (social anxiety, being afraid of hurting others, your alter ego screwing things up, etc).

23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?

Rian changed a little over time, he was supossed to be a little prick friends with another character I dropped (’cuz it was Sonic styled and well… that one turned out to be other characters)but he ended up being a funny boy who just likes to hang out a lot, waay a lot… a little crazy and hyperactive but still trust able nonetheless.

27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song? 

Not that I recall, but maybe from several bands or idols etc. My serval Biram was inspired by Kurt Cobain… oh and Creed’s singer <.< I forgot his name.

44. Something you like about your OCs in general

They’re different between each other and they’re based on different concepts I liked wich to me it’s so much fun to explore with. Even if they end up being stereotypes I still like the idea to take things from basic ideas, like for example, “little girl that fights”, etc and I love that. Plus I like using different animal species, It makes them more fun to draw! even though I take my time until they get a final design I liked, developing characters is hard!…

Ahhh I love answering questions like these!! ;w; here’s the original thing if you want to keep asking me questions or just having fun yourself! http://whitephox.tumblr.com/post/116296833260/some-oc-questions <3 (sorry for the typos this thing works so sloooow)

The Legend of Korra | Season 4, Episode One

Summary of the Episode

“Three years after the defeat of Zaheer, the vain Prince Wu is about to be crowned Earth King, and Mako is assigned as his bodyguard. In the Earth Kingdom, Opal and Kai try to protect a community from bandits with limited success. Kuvira, who now styles herself the “Great Uniter”, appears at the head of an army that includes Bolin, Varrick and his assistant Zhu Li. She offers the governor supplies and protection – if he submits his state to her sovereignty, which he reluctantly does. Elsewhere, a despondent Korra is fighting and losing earthbending cage matches, having apparently renounced her identity as the Avatar.“

Concept: Autocratic and Custodial Model as seen in the Earth Kingdom

For this episode, two of the models of organizational behavior is clearly observed. At one point of the episode, Kuvira assumes the role of a leader in the fallen Earth Kingdom, calling herself the “Great Uniter.” Majority of the kingdom suffers from poverty due to the fall of its recent ruler, which left the land in chaos. Kuvira, as a resident of the richest place in the kingdom decided to take over by providing food and supplies to the villages until her power over them eventually grew. However, the chief leader of one of the villages refused to submit to Kuvira, on which she proceeds to imply that his people would be doomed unless he followed her. This is where the autocratic model is clearly seen. Kuvira, if seen as a manager, and the Earth Kingdom that has submitted to her as the organization, focuses on the role of power as a source of control. It emphasizes the importance of obedience, where there is a clear punishment if Kuvira’s wishes is violated, as seen briefly when bandits who tried to steal from the organization were subdued. Due to the need of subsistence, the chief from before eventually submitted to Kuvira. Throughout the episode it is also implied the most of the people of the Earth Kingdom are in the same boat, where they only depended on her to sustain themselves. One of the characteristics of the autocratic model is a dependence on the boss, which in this case, is Kuvira, who is the only with enough control and power to unite the kingdom into cooperation in this time of crisis, where an absolute authority appears to be needed. There is also a hint of custodial model in this situation because the organization is depended on by the people due its ability to provide them with security and benefits as they are the only one with enough resources to sustain them. In effect, the people passively cooperates with what Kuvira’s team wishes to happen.

Link to the episode: http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/The-Legend-of-Korra-Season-4/Episode-001?id=61


Avatar Kyoshi. Based on concept art from ATLA.

It’s hard finding decent shots of Kyoshi from the waist down so I kind of fudged.

Paper texture from www.cgtextures.com: PaperPage0044 (Texture: #101090)

I’ve been saving the best for last.
Here is my absolute favorite of the early Shroud of the Avatar character concepts. This gentleman has all the steampunk cool rolled into one outfit.

He’s got the self-satisfied expression and casual stance that all empire-builders should have, in addition to the long coat and leather spats. And The Hat. The Hat is to die for.

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Shroud of the Avatar: Last Early Concept Art Pieces From Denis Loubet

#LBSotA: Last Early Concept Art Pieces From Denis Loubet

Denis Loubet has posted the last pieces from his collection of early Shroud of the Avatar character concept art to the Ultima Dragons Facebook group. The first is a full-colour image of a character type called the Dignitary:

I’ve been saving the best for last.

Here is my absolute favorite of the early Shroud of the Avatar character concepts. This gentleman has all the steampunk cool rolled into…

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