AVPR- To Dress A Predator

“As the sum of most old sayings go, it takes more than any one person to accomplish any task or feat–the same goes for any creature suit, even a Predator. Creature suits are not simple wardrobe where the performer can just pull it off a rack, slide it on, and call it done. Many are skin-tight, often multi-layered, with props or gear that have to be attached by another person or several crew. Watch ADI shop supervisor Yuri Everson and makeup artist Mike Fields prep actor Ian Whyte for his bloody closeups on AVPR, and see all the little things that have to be pulled on, screwed down, glued together, and zip-tied to get "The Wolf” ready for a hunt.“

Hey guys!

So last night I got together with my family because we thought the TV guide said that AVP: Alien vs Predator would be on. Unfortunately we read wrongly and it was in fact AVPR: Alien vs Predator Requiem.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because, in all honesty, I am not a fan. The ’… vs Predator’ series has always been up for debate and I know how my fellow Alien bloggers feel about it but I also would like to know your thoughts on it because I think it’s an interesting subject.

Personally I don’t think they really fit in well within the whole Alien franchise because of one main aspect which is our dear Ripley. To me it’s not a real Alien film without some good old Ripley in it. But let’s hope that Prometheus proves me wrong (although I did have a funny dream recently in which Ripley magically turned up in Prometheus like Arnold Schwarzeneggar did in the latest Terminator film… but ANYWAY).

The main reason I am writing this post is because I just wanted to talk about how ridiculously awful I thought AVPR was. To me, AVP isn’t that much of a bad film because it has a storyline. AVPR did not have a storyline and even though it had loads of beautiful Aliens swirling around the whole goddamn place, it was still excruciatingly boring because apart from all the killing and the impregnating, nothing actually happened. I think I fell asleep at one point. The most ridiculous part was when **SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT** they thought they’d drop an atomic bomb on the town and the survivors are getting away safely in a helicopter and the lady pilot tells them 'close your eyes!’ because obviously, closing your eyes will indefinitely save you from an atomic bomb explosion. Every aspect if the film seemed rushed and not really thought through properly.

So I just wanted to hear from you guys what you thought about AVPR (or even AVP) either solely as films or what you think about them in relation to the Alien films?

You can reblog your reply, reply your reply, photo reply your reply, just let us know. We’re sure you’ve got some interesting thoughts or facts for us to think about! So what do you think?