2015 Pier 9 Artist in Residence Exhibition

A look at artworks created at the Pier 9 workshop run by Autodesk, which offer state of the art facilities and seeks to explore the future of artmaking - video embedded below:

This exhibition celebrated the community and work created by the Autodesk Artist-in-Residence Program at Pier 9. Featured projects include work created by digital fabricators, fine artists, architects, furniture-makers, chefs, and a host of other creatives who have passed through Pier 9’s residency program over the past year. The exhibition included over 40 artists and more than 70 works, all of which were installed across the Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, including in the CNC labs, 3D printshop and test kitchen.

The Pier 9 space is currently taking applications - you can find out more here

Cramming cartoon practice while watching #AlphaHouse because I am a professional.
Via Christopher Hart’s “Humongous Book of Cartooning”
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123D Sculpt+ Free Mobile 3D Modeling App released by Autodesk

Features included in the second version include:

  • New starting forms including skeletons, base shapes and fully textured example sculptures
  • A brand new color picker with scrolling favorites
  • The “pose tool” – a feature that allows users to add poseable joints on sculptures
  • Photorealistic Materials – from chrome to clay, users can take their sculptures to a whole new visual level by combining textures, paint and shininess
  • Brand new texture brushes – users can add surface detail using color texture brushes
  • Enhanced Pixlr Filters – this will enable users to further stylize images
  • Preview functionality – users can view sculptures on the community in full 3D without needing to downloading them
  • Export creatures as OBJ files with textures for use in other 3D tools such as Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max

~ 3ders.org