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Shawn & Austin ❤❤❤


AU: Camila leaves her phone in Lauren’s hotel room and Lauren takes it upon herself to answer a text from Austin that Camila never bothered to reply to (even though she saved him in her contacts with a cute little emoji next to his name). End result: Lauren is very proud of herself and makes a vine.


I’m trying to convince my parents to let me go to the Shawn/Austin concert and OMG tour but they think concerts and people who make concerts are stupid and don’t care about their fans, only their money. Please help me and reblog/like this if you disagree, and if you can please add your explanation as to why. If this gets 1k+ notes I’m sure they’ll finally understand. Please guys, I really want to meet my idols and prove my parents wrong 😢


AU MEME » [requested by anon] Harry and Camila are currently in a long distance relationship because of their busy singing careers. Camila is touring with Fifth Harmony to promote their album while Harry is doing a promo tour with One Direction to promote Midnight Memories. Being apart for so long isn’t easy on either of them. Especially when singer Austin Mahone publicly makes a move on Camila. Harry eventually finds out about it and gets angry. He doesn’t tell Camila that her encounter with Austin bothered him - he obviously doesn’t want her to worry. However, when Austin gets mentioned in one of 1D’s interviews Harry can’t help but show his obvious dislike for Austin. Camila then tries her best to make Harry see that she’ll always be by his side and no one else can replace him in her life.


AU: You and Austin have been dating for almost 2 years and you couldn’t be happier. You both are so in love with each other but sometimes it gets hard when Austin is touring or at events and you are in Miami studying at the University of Miami. Whenever Austin is home, he spends every free moment with you.

Master List (Update #2)

Foolish Four Imagines

Welcome Home *Austin Mahone Imagine*

Tell Me That You Love Me *Austin Mahone Imagine*
Before He Cheats *Austin Mahone Imagine*
Always Come Back to You *Austin Mahone Imagine*
Prom? Prom *Austin Mahone Imagine*

Magcon Imagines

Let the Haters Hate *Jacob Whitesides Imagine*

Defenseless *Carter Reynolds Imagine*
Unexpected *Jack Johnson Imagine*
No Pressure *Jack Johnson Dirty Imagine*
You Can Let Go Now *Cameron Dallas Imagine*
Let’s Get Lost *Cameron Dallas Imagine*
Anything For My Little Girl *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
Daddy’s Little Girl *Jack Gilinsky imagine*
For the First Time Pt. 1 *Jack Gilinsky Dirty Imagine*
For the First Time Pt. 2 *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
Birthday Boy *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
Love Hurts *Jack Gilinksy Imagine*
Love Hurts Pt. 2 *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
The Wait is Over *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
We’ll Get Through This *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
Random Rainy Day *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*
Don’t Make Me Regret This *Taylor Caniff Imagine*
Snow Angel *Nash Grier Imagine*
Confessions of a Fangirl *Shawn Mendes Imagine*
Perfect *Shawn Mendes Imagine*
Let it Out *Nate Maloley Imagine*

Imagines w. multiple (Magcon)

Secrets *Jack Gilinsky & Sammy Wilkinson Imagine*
Secrets Pt. 2*Jack Gilinsky & Sammy Wilkinson Imagine*
Surprise, Surprise *Jack Gilinsky & Matt Espinosa Imagine*

One Direction Imagines 

I Love You *Harry Styles Imagine*

Dreams Do Come True *Louis Tomlinson Imagine*

Janoskian Imagines

Paradise *Daniel Sahyounie Imagine*

Taking Risks *Beau Brooks Imagine*
Twinning *Luke Brooks Imagine*

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omg im so stupid lmaooooo


Red Tour AU

@taylorswift13: We’re playing our first stadium show of the Red tour in Detroit tonight! Ford Field50,000 people. Fifth Harmony. Cannot. Wait. (!!!!!!!!!!)

@edsheeran: @camilacabello97 just ate the last taco. That’s it. She’s out the tour. 

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