Le Butcherettes - Sin Sin Sin (Full Album)

Le Butcherettes was created by vocalist/guitarist Teri Gender Bender, who later recruited drummer Auryn Jolene to form a duo. Their live act, featuring 1950s fashions and props such as brooms, feather dusters, and bloody aprons to refer to women being slaves, quickly achieved acclaim in the Mexican underground scene. Teri Gender Bender would also use artificial blood, flour, eggs, meat, and a real pig head on stage.

(1) Tonight
(2) New York
(3) Henry Don’t Got Love
(4) The Leibniz Language
(5) Bang!
(6) All You See in Me is Death
(7) I’m Getting Sick of You
(8) Riko’s Smooth Talking Mothers
(9) The Actress That Ate Rousseau
(10) Tainted in Sin
(11) Dress Off
(12) Empty Dimes
(13) Mr. Tolstoi