2015 Naruto Movie Titled Baruto -Naruto The Movie-


The official website for the upcoming August 2015 Naruto film is now online and has officially unveiled the title of the upcoming film, Baruto -Naruto The Movie-. The film will be set after the events of the manga and will follow the titular character of Naruto Uzumaki’s son Baruto (…


Riverside" by Barrie-James O’Neil (feat. lanadelrey)



August meant Mayhem and Nine Inch Nails. In an act of pure brilliance stupidity I bought tickets for both as soon as they went on sale, not looking at dates. Mayhem meant mosh pit because after seeing Avenged Sevenfold two times, I had to be all up close and personal. Being right at the stage for Fozzy every time I had seen them spoiled me. Anyway, this meant all day outside at a concert festival in 95F/35C temperatures. I ended up subjected to zero calorie Rockstar energy drink (why do they make this stuff? it’s horrible), sunburn, and getting kicked in the face by a crowd surfer while Korn was playing. M. Shadows did acknowledge my Deathbat chest tattoo and I got a guitar pick thrown at me from Syn Gates that I had to fight to keep. It was totally worth it. After being at Jiffy Lube Live from noon to 11pm I turned around at was back there at 6pm for NIN where I learned I really don’t like Soundgarden.

Adonis throws a beach party for Shark Week.It is deemed a success.

Filming continues for Urban Safari and a video is made by Toxic Dream for SIFF.

Speaking of SIFF, I neglect my twitter something awful and I logged in for the first time in a year to find where Neil Gaiman said he liked my thing that I did for October Tale for SIFF and retweeted it. Now I know why it has over 1000 views. I really think that finding that note from Neil was the highlight of the month for me…behind even seeing A7X again.


First look at my TS4 simself..