Atlas, how does it feel?
The weight upon your head,
Crushing your shoulders with
The heaviness of human hearts.
This is called doubt.

Atlas, how does it smell?
Like hot rotting garbage,
And heady fucking, rough and fun,
With nails tearing through paper-skin.
It burns you to your very core, an
Itch no one can scratch.
This is called lust.

Atlas, are you drowning?
The thoughts of humanity wash out
Your voice. You cannot make a sound
For fear that it will disappear in a sea of noise.
You are not your own.
This is called loneliness.

Atlas, are you starving?
Your tongue goes heavy in your mouth,
And everything tastes like dust and
Something sour like bile.
This is called envy.

Atlas, can you see?
Blink once, twice,
An eyelash in your eye, and it burns like hot wax.
You have no hands. Then, the burn
Fades into an itch in the back of your mind.
This is called ignorance.

Atlas, can you speak?
Scream until your throat is raw,
And you can taste copper in the back
Of your mouth.The inside of your cheeks are
Shredded by broken teeth,
But you keep your mouth closed and
Swallow down the red.
This is called real rage.

Atlas. Atlas. Atlas.
Look at you now—
On your knees for humanity.
How holy and sacred you make them.
Are those hymns that drip from your lips, now?
Instead of scorn, you lie
Prostrate and hold them on your back.
Look at you now—
On your knees. Beg for it. Beg to stand, Atlas.

Atlas. Atlas. Atlas.
Bear your punishment.
Carrying the world is not it.
That would be mercy, and the Gods…
They do not know mercy.

Atlas, how does it all feel?
Know that ache between your broken ribs,
Where you heart should be,
And know what being mortal means.

—  Atlas (im)Mortalized|| JnW

What’s a kingdom?

It starts with the world,
and a war,
always a war,
always strife, always destruction,
always grief,
on the battlefield where love and life waste.
where the earth shakes under your feet and starts to crumble.
where you wish it would crack and swallow you up.
it doesn’t,
but your heart does.

and then you’re on the edge of the world,
and you’re holding everything you’ve been fighting for in your hands.
you hold victory,
you hold triumph,
you hold glory,
and you’re standing tall and proud and strong,
but then suddenly,
your shoulders bow.
you see the world on your back,
you’re screaming,
and you realise people aren’t just people-
they’re loss,
they’re pain,
they’re breaking.

What’s a kingdom?
you’ve conquered one,
now it’s time to carry it.

—  Atlas, do you think only the gods matter? v.g

UPDATE - Book 2 - chapter 15 (part 1)

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Short update and as you can see a style change. But I hope that because of this I can go back to updating atleast once every week!
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DARPA proudly presents the near Robocalypse

Elysium, Robocop, Kill Decision, Robocalypse, I Robot, Terminator… Pick your favorite future.

Warfighters in aircraft, on ships and in ground vehicles have benefited tremendously from technological advances in recent decades, with advanced capabilities ranging from real-time situational awareness to precision armaments. But many of these benefits depend on equipment with substantial size, weight and power requirements, and so have remained unavailable to dismounted infantry squads who must carry all their equipment themselves.

DARPA’s new Squad X Core Technologies (SXCT) program aims to address this challenge and ensure that dismounted infantry squads maintain uncontested tactical superiority over potential adversaries without being overburdened by cumbersome hardware. The goal is to speed the development of new, lightweight, integrated systems that provide infantry squads unprecedented awareness, adaptability and flexibility in complex environments, and enable dismounted Soldiers and Marines to more intuitively understand and control their complex mission environments.

SXCT plans to explore four key technical areas:

  1. Precision Engagement: Precisely engage threats out to 0.6 mile (1,000 meters), while maintaining compatibility with infantry weapon systems and without imposing weight or operational burdens that would negatively affect mission effectiveness

  2. Non-Kinetic Engagement: Disrupt enemy command and control, communications and use of unmanned assets at a squad-relevant operational pace (walking with occasional bursts of speed)

  3. Squad Sensing: Detect potential threats out to 0.6 mile (1,000 meters) at a squad-relevant operational pace

  4. Squad Autonomy: Increase squad members’ real-time knowledge of their own and teammates’ locations to less than 20 feet (6 meters) in GPS-denied environments through collaboration with embedded unmanned air and ground systems

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So I heard it was black history month!

I saw a lot of posts and stuff today and it made me feel like drawing my black oc’s :3c (well the most prominent then)

Gyan and Oke are from Atlas

Amou, Devonte and Pam are from Les Normaux