I.. Whe.. I don’t… I don’t want to be here… Wh-Why am I here? Get me out of here… P-Please…


They will not have my dragons, Dany vowed. They will not.


the lost princes of asgard


Some more doodles from the armordashi AU since I’ve gotten some requests for more of it. I edited Tadashi’s armor just a tad bit to fit better with the AU overall, since uh, he did survive the fire in this AU, but it kinda cost him all feeling in his lower body, so he needs that mechanical frame around his legs in the last picture (built by Hiro) to help him walk again

You can read more info on that here if you want, written by my partner in crime in this AU

Also his armor now has fancy dandy shields that form from the gloves that he made Hiro install so he could protect him better, so there’s that too


killian jones appreciation week s3
day seven » favorite sad scene

i won't need it in New York.