How to Lucid Dream Like in the Movie “Inception”

Have you ever fantasized as to how to lucid dream like in the movie “Inception”? Well, this film starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead does deal with the subject of Lucidity in a fascinating manner.

To begin with, the movie shows its characters using totems for reality checks to test whether they are in a dream or reality.

For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio (Cobb) uses a spinning device that normally stops rotating after a while but continues being in the state of motion when spun during a dream.

So, you could come up with a pretty interesting totem yourself for performing reality tests. However, make sure it is small and simple, like a watch, tiny mirror, or a piece of paper with some text scribbled on it.

If you choose to use a watch, you will find it difficult to see the time displayed (especially on a digital watch) as it is likely to exhibit blurred and obscured figures that won’t make much sense. In case you use a mirror, it will show distorted images in dreams.

When reading text in a dream, you will experience that the letters tend to change and wriggle when you glance at them. If you do succeed in reading it, you will find the text to have changed entirely on rereading it.

Besides, the movie emphasizes on the aspect of dream control and hence, inspires one to gain greater control over one’s dreams through lucidity.

The concept of shared dreams or dream within a dream, however, is complex and not easy for beginners as it requires layers of lucid awareness.

Moving on, lucid dreams are extremely vivid. So, you can try a number of things like flying, playing adventure sports, etc. in such dreams and experience a natural high. Plus, conscious dreaming has several other benefits that assist you in understanding yourself more deeply.

Moreover, the movie illustrates that dream characters, although created by your own subconscious mind, tend to act independently even in lucid dreams.

On the other hand, the concept of limbo shown in the movie (getting trapped in a dream for years), is intriguing, but it has not been proven scientifically.

Further, while taking hints on how to lucid dream like in the movie “Inception” try to assess the whole concept from a spiritual point of view as well.

The movie draws our attention to the possible disturbing consequences of engaging in conscious dreaming done without removing emotional and psychological troubles from the mind.

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"Some call the alternative world a fantasy or an illusion; still it is hardly any different from our shared physical reality. Both are created from thought and both exist only in our minds."

― John Magnus
Astral Projection And the Nature of Reality: Exploring the Out-of-body State

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"There is another world we may enter through dreams, which is sometimes called the Dreamtime, or The Dreaming. This is a psychic realm we share with all other dreamers, both human and non-human, and it has its own established landscapes and geographies. Within The Dreaming are the countries of Faerie, the Afterworlds of all faiths, the realms of gods, spirits, and ancestors, and all the fantasy worlds of myth and story.


As you master the skill of lucid dreaming, you will eventually be able to set a course within The Dream- ing to particular Astral realms, places, times and dimensions—such as Faerie, the Afterworlds, historical eras, or even the lands of myth and fantasy. This is called shamanic journeying. You will be able to fly to such places by levitation, or even transport yourself instantaneously by teleportation. You will be able to seek out, meet, and converse with anyone you wish— living or dead, real or imaginary — including dragons, totems, spirits, Gods, and Goddesses.”

― Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

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