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((I finally finished it!  And so without further ado, here’s my own personal arrange of Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream, as a request for my 100th follower, AskPersonasOfWriggle!

Here’s the download:

Also, AskPersonasOfWriggle, if you want the song to be longer, just let me know and I’ll loop the song a few more times for you. ^_^))

EDIT: Made some modifications to the song.  Download link has been changed accordingly.

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I couldn’t eat for days after that incident…

((Apparently you can’t see the video from the Dashboard, so you’ll just have to watch it from the blog itself :3))


((I made another boss fight in Danmakufu, this time featuring yours truly. =3  Make sure you watch with annotations on, and enjoy the video.))


It finally happened!  100 followers!  Thank you for sticking with me, everybody! ;w;

As promised, I shall present my super special awesome gift to the lucky 100th person who decided to follow me….

A personally-made MIDI arrange of the Touhou song of their choosing!

And the lucky winner is…

So, please send me a message with the Touhou song you’d like me to arrange, except for Futatsuiwa from Sado and Watatsuki’s Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue (Because I already remixed those songs here and here, respectively :P)

((Anime Boston Shenanigans))

((So, as I mentioned last week, my absence for the past few days was due to the fact that I was at Anime Boston 2012!  WoooOOOooOOOooOOO!~

For this momentous occasion, I cosplayed….for ze very first time…. o.O

… Dick Gumshoe from the Ace Attorney series.  AskFujiwaraMokou was there too, as Miles Edgeworth.

(on the left is our mutual friend cosplaying as Kay Faraday :P)

I also met Ask-Kogasa (cosplaying as Louise) and AskHinaKagiyama (cosplaying as someone from Homestuck….sorry, I’m not too familiar with Homestuck, so I didn’t recognize who she was xD), but I didn’t get their pictures. :(

Anyway, the con was ridiculously fun.  I got tons of Touhou merchandise, impressed many of the guys in the little Touhou section of the video gaming room with my mad skillz, and made quite a few friends.

After I take care of the schoolwork I’ve got pressuring me this week, I’ll be getting back to answering questions. :D))

Well would you look at that...

I haven’t really been paying attention to my number of followers lately, but look what I just realized:


Adhering to the general trend with the ask blogs around here, I’ll do a little something for my 50th follower, 100th follower, and maybe if I’m really lucky, my 150th follower (oh look at me, I’m getting way ahead of myself >w>).

The lucky winner is:

Sadly, it seems Mr./Mrs. Neoheart has no way for me to contact him/her directly.  So if you’re reading this, Neoheart, feel free to PM me with a request you’d like me to draw. ^_^

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((I’m going to answer all of the asks that I was given within a week after I received this ask—I received it quite a while ago. xD  But I will also try to answer any asks I receive within the following week that pertain to this anon magic.

To add to the atmosphere, each asked answered under this anon magic will be accompanied by some classical music—or classical-ish music.))