Leonard Peng

  1. Samus, 2014
  2. I think you’re the fucking antichrist, 2014
  3. Warrior, 2014
  4. Maurice Sendak Tribute illustration for a show dedicated to the author at the Pratt Library in Baltimore, MD, 2014
  5. Silence, illustration for Nautilus, 2014
  6. final wip of 2k14, 2014
  7. Mirror, Seance 2 show at the Julian Allen Gallery, 2014
  8. Untitled, illustration for Tom’s Alt/Funny/Stupid Mermaid Zine, 2014
  9. Space Face, 2014
  10. Untitled, 2015, images posted with permission of the artist. 

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A small depiction of the Mexican folk tale “the Mermaid of water eye” (La sirena del ojo de agua). The tale describes how each december 24th a beautiful mermaid emerges from the lake and asks a lucky gentleman to carry her into the nearest church. The mermaid promises great riches and good fortune to whomever accepts, but there’s a catch. Whoever agrees to carry her cannot look upon her face or the valley shall be cursed with endless rain forever.


I got accepted in SVA ( School of Visual Arts) in NY and I’m raising funds to pay for the admission and housing fee which is $1,300. And for traveling and expenses. Guys this is seriously my life long dream to study art and I’m fianlly able to! But I need your help/

So I’m opening commissions to raise the money since as you guys know I don’t have a job anymore and the savings are getting thin so I need your help once again. 

If you don’t want a commission but would like to donate I have a donate button on my profile. Also you can reblog and let others know.

Thank you.

————Commission Info——————-

-I’m practically good with everything but I’m not fond of hate ,rape or anything negative.

-You can have up to 2 spots .

-Send me a fan mail or e-mail with:

email : munrou.kuomori(@)

  • Your name (tumblr)
  • Email for paypal invoice
  • Character reference (  I extremely recomend images please)
  • Small info about their attitude or behaviour.


=Full body $10.00=




=Full Body Couple $15.00=