Tumblr Songs 10/10: This is War

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I would just like to say unabashedly that I think some of the frames in here turned out really really nice.  I kind of ended up going overboard and putting more into them than I usually would, so I might publish some of them as their own pictures later. uvu

Saved this for last ‘cause it was one of the longest and most epic sound clips.  It ended up being about the violence of Alternia, mainly in the ancestors’ time… >.> (but also murderstuck, go me)

Eventually I’ll get the full video with all of these posted on YouTube and then here and you can watch ‘em all together. @v@ But that might be something for tomorrow!

When we took Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” into a maximum security woman’s prison on the West Side…there’s a scene there where a young woman is told by a very powerful official that “If you sleep with me, I will pardon your brother. And if you don’t sleep with me, I’ll execute him.” And he leaves the stage. And this character, Isabel, turned out to the audience and said: “To whom should I complain?” And a woman in the audience shouted: “The Police!” And then she looked right at that woman and said: “If I did relate this, who would believe me?” And the woman answered back, “No one, girl.” And it was astonishing because not only was it an amazing sense of connection between the audience and the actress, but you also realized that this was a kind of an historical lesson in theater reception. That’s what must have happened at The Globe. These soliloquies were not simply monologues that people spoke, they were call and response to the audience. And you realized that vibrancy, that that sense of connectedness is not only what makes theater great in prisons, it’s what makes theater great, period.
—  Oskar Eustis on ArtBeat Nation (he told the same story on Charlie Rose)

Jazzberry est un artiste qui réalise un incroyable travail consistant à mélanger cartographie et art. Ainsi, il réalise une jolie série de cartes colorées et abstraites des plus grandes villes du monde, de Paris à New York en passant par Jérusalem.

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Not a lot to say about this since all the info is handily in the video!  Here they are all in the same place.