Though it’s not quite summer yet, the warm weather has us thinking of beaches.

This set of postcards depict Miami Beach around the 1940s. One claims that “World travelers say that Miami Beach with its even climate and beauty is the finest bathing beach in the world, rivaling the famous French Riviera”.

Wherever your ideal beach is, we hope you have a lovely weekend.


Empire Stadium, Wembley (1923) by J. Simpson, M.Ayrton and O.Williams.

Stadium created for the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, and intended to be demolished at its end. Instead the stadium was left and embracecame home to the FA Cup final, as well as hosting the World Cup and European Cup Finals. It was demolished in 2003 and replaced by a Foster Partners designed stadium in 2007.

Images from Paul Townsend and Old Clitheroe


When it opened on eighty-five years ago on May 27, 1930, the iconic Chrysler Building in New York City was the tallest man-made structure in the world at 1,046 feet.  It held this record for only 11 months until April 30, 1931, when the Empire State Building opened (seen under construction in the lower photo).

The Chrysler Building’s architect, William Van Alen, models a costume based on his own design in the 1931 Beaux-Arts Ball.

Floodlights lighting the top of the new 102-story Empire State Building (Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1931) the night of May 4th, 1931, three days after of the building’s official dedication. The rich Art Deco architecture skyscrapers on foreground is the Bricker Casino and 1400 Broadway Building (Ely Jacaques Kahn, 1931). The old Metropolitan Life Tower (Napoleon Le Brun, 1909) are visible at right, background.

Photo: New York Daily News.