Podolski’s late ass winner after Kieran Gibbs scored the equaliser a minute earlier saved Arsene Wenger’s ass vs Anderlecht

It is 10:39 pm, the hour french time. It is less than 11 pm and the match comes of finished. My reaction, my report ? I want to say “thank you”. Thank you Kieran, thank you Lukas. Thank you Wojcjech, thank you Per, thank you Laurent, thank you Nacho, thank you Tomas, thank you Mikel, thank you Jack, thank you Mesut, thank you Danny, thank you Aaron, thank you Santi, thank you Mathieu, thank you Theo, thank you Alex, thank you Yaya, thank you Debuchy and whore thank you Olivier. Thank you Arsène? Thank you for making me feel all this, all these feelings. Thank you for giving me to smile, to laugh, to cry, to put me under stress. Thank you for showing all kinds of colors, thank you for irritating me, to filling of enjoyment.. Of happiness ? Be a fan of you, it’s to be on the right track, it’s to be.. We lost matches, we are not very high in the classification, some of our players are hurt.. It’s a mess ? It’s a mess but we are again and again there. We are still there and this match proves it. This victory proves it. This team is the good one, I know it. No matter the place which it occupies in the classification, the figures.. Arsenal will always remain the team which reflects me most and which will inspire me most. I have some hope. We would go far with or without the 2eme, 3rd place. We shall go far, come what may.

Mourinho vs Wenger


"Arsene is a football purist. He has a lovely phrase, he calls it ‘possession with progression. Wenger transformed the club on the pitch and off the pitch. I will go on record as saying he won’t be a difficult act to follow, in my opinion it will be an impossible act to follow."

David Dein.