Apr 25

thru Apr 25:

From the Vow Made
 Janine Antoni

Luhring Augustine Gallery, 531 W24th St., NYC

Janine Antoni’s solo exhibition includes a collection of seven sculptural works and a video collaboration with choreographer Stephen Petronio. These new works emerge from her study of milagros, sculptural votive offerings used in latin cultures. Ranging from body parts to domestic objects, milagros are often hung in churches as symbols of things in life requiring prayer, healing and protection. Antoni’s milagros are prayers for embodiment.

April 25th

They is such an all-encompassing word.
In it there is support,
They can include you
While simultaneously excluding you
Depending on one’s point of view.
They can be familiar
While also being strange
Or perhaps even a mix of the two.
But I suppose
The beauty of it is that
They can fit whatever purpose they needs to.
Just make sure you specify.
Otherwise they’ll never know what you’re talking about.


Graduation Countdown: 2

Alam mo yung feeling ng excited? Di makatulog sa gabi, lagi may tumatakbo sa isipan mo. Kahit na pagod okey lang. Hayy. How powerful the mind is naman. Dagdagan pa ng spring of ecstatic emotions. Dinaig ang katawan. 

Yan ang feeling ko kagabi. Kahit na ngayon. Haha. May tendency talaga ako na ma-excite to the highest level. Eh pano ba naman, 2 days na lang graduation na. Eh graduation practices pa nga mamaya, uber excited nako, how much more kung graduation day na? Diba? Diba? Kaya ayun. Pagbigyan mo na lang, ples? :)

How is it that people forget how broken others can be? I know I have been callus in the past, before I understood the frailty of the heart, as delicate as mine was.
But now… even after one’s own heartbreak, I see so many people so absorbed in themselves, their hearts, and the glass barriers they put up.
It’s the sort of glass only one side can look through, but it’s not the side one would guess.
No, the inside is a mirror, where one thinks they are hidden and no one dare look in upon them. “If only they could see who I really am!” They cry.
But we do. We can see them through the glass and try to reach through. “Darling, of course I see you, but let me in so I can know you!”
Of course, they never hear our shouting. They only count the mirrored whispers coming from their own lips, dripping like slow fountains that poison, twist the glass until nothing can be recognized in the mirror.
But from the outside, we still see the child who has decided they do not belong; who do not see the other glass mirrors people have built around them.
No one is alone. A wall of glass is only unique the first time. Now the wall of mirrors reflects the beasts we’ve fallen to.