fic: the life i lived with you (1/4)

AKA the first part of my the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind inspired klapollo au! i’ve been working this for a while, which is why i haven’t posted anything else, sorry :(

I’d like to say that this fic discusses a lot of things and characters that occur in Dual Destinies- which I have yet to play, so there may be some inaccuracies and stuff. 

also, send me klapollo prompts here!

under the cut and over here on ao3! please enjoy :)

Klavier Gavin woke up slowly at 7:23 am on a Saturday morning, in the middle of his two weeks off from work and he knew he couldn’t face another day of being cooped up in his apartment.

He sat up, listening to the same old noises- his elderly neighbour upstairs thudding around like he had cinderblocks tied to his feet, the birds singing outside his window. It’s utterly domestic, a slice of his life and it’s driving him insane. He smoothed a hand over his face, and exhaled heavily. He was tired, all the way to his heavy bones and he greeted the day without a smile.

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So Pokemon and Ace Attorney was actually the secret winner!  So I drew some birds with birds! I might draw more soon, with the ladies or prosecutors next time!  Everyone gets a Flying type because all the AA characters remind me of birds.