I spent too much time thinking about this, and now it’s this big elaborate thing, I hope you’re happy.

Even though Klavier is totally the more comfortable of the two with expressing affection, maybe even to the point of coming off as affection-needy sometimes (“God Apollo, we haven’t kissed all day, let’s fix that”), and even though I see him as usually “ahead” of Apollo in terms of who wants these sorts of relationship milestones first, he’s surprisingly very considerate in terms of the pace of the relationship and doesn’t do anything until Apollo initiates and makes it clear he’s on board with these things too, so most of the major milestones in the relationship have all been Apollo’s doing. First time they get really intimate? Apollo started it. Moving in together? Apollo suggested it.

Apollo takes forever to settle in to things though, so I can see him proposing only after they’re basically married anyway—they’ve been living together for awhile, they’re so acquainted with each other’s routines and habits, and nobody can tell whose underwear is whose anymore.

Apollo brings it up during breakfast one morning and he’s totally an awkward and adorable mess, trying to make it this natural and casual thing.

"Hey, uh, so … we’ve been together for awhile, and, you know, I think we make a pretty great— uh, what I mean to say is— you know, we’ve lived together all this time and— it just—makes sense? to umm… I mean, uh, legally speaking it’ll make filing taxes so much easier, and—"

"Forehead, I would absolutely love to marry you."

"G-GOOD. BECAUSE I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING." *stuffs mouth with toast and stares at the wall, completely red-faced*

I need you to understand you just made me tear up because that’s the loveliest thing I’ve read, I AM LAUGHING AND I AM CRYING OH GOD.

Yes, I fully approve of this headcanon, I love it, I want it in my life. Also I love that Klavier just guhhhh gets him even though he’s a mess 100%. 

I love you, thank you so much for this submission

Turnabout Outbreak, Ch 13

Title: Turnabout Outbreak
Summary: Two international spies are investigating a nanobiology company’s shady side business. Meanwhile, in LA, Blackquill finds himself prosecuting a very odd murder that will cause him to cross paths with the Phantom once again.
Characters/Pairings: Simon Blackquill, Athena Cykes, Phantom, Calisto/Shih-na, Shi-Long Lang. Blackbright.
Rating: T
Warnings: violence, blood, death.
Status: in progress.

Prologue and links to all chapters here.

Sequel to Turnabout to the Past.

A/N: this chapter turned so long I had to split it in two. This is the first half; I’ll post the second one next weekend.
(Yes, I know this update was much faster than usual. I think it speaks volumes on how I was looking forward to get to this part.)

Thanks a lot to stickfigurefairytales for proofreading. There were a lot of mistakes in this one, so thanks a lot for your patience!

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Let's talk ships


"Shipping? That’s where you take two people who you think are cute together and sort of.. cry over them, ja?”

You want to show me some? Sure, why not, they can’t be that bad”


"Eh? You okay?"

2. “So, Klavier. How do you feel about fans who ship you and a certain red defence attorney?”


"Me and Forehead? Well, I can see why people ship us, what with being rivals. He’s cute, sure, although he does have a tendency to yell. He says my music is too loud.. though we all know he loves it really. Ja, I know wh-“

"I just googled it and found very explicit images. Court is going to be interesting.”

3. “So. Klav. You and Phoenix Wright. A couple. Whatcha think of that”


"I think he had his eyes on a different Gavin"

4. “Klavier! Lamiroir is a pretty attractive woman, don’t you think? Would you ever date her? Some fans are convinced you and her were a thing!”


"Indeed, she was very pretty, and has a very beautiful voice. I can see why people would think of us as an item, although I think she wouldn’t approve of that"

5. “*Throws his big brother at him* something to decorate your bed”


"Of come on isn’t drawing pictures of me fucking my brother a bit much. I mean he’s a murderer and he’d probably be really rough anyway although I suppose you sick fucks enjoy that I’m not going near these fanfictions Gavin out”