Project Nim (2011) is a documentary about a chimpanzee (Nim) who was taken from his mother when he was born and raised by humans to see if he could be taught language. As the project loses funding we get a glimpse in to what happens to animals we experiment on after the experiments are over. Animals that are capable of learning how to communicate with another species, that show impressive long term memory and retention, and that are as social and sensitive to their surroundings as we are.

I highly recommend this documentary to anyone interested in chimps, anyone interested in language, and to anyone who doesn’t understand why  testing on animals is such a complex moral dilemma. While most of the documentary is about language and this interesting science experiment, the flip side of Nim’s life after the experiment has opened my eyes wider to what animal testing really is and I believe it will help me make more conscious decisions in the future.

Watch Project Nim for free here

Você sempre foi a melhor e a pior pessoa que já conheci, você sempre foi uma parte de mim, boa e ruim. Você sempre foi aquelas musicas nostálgicas e aquelas recordações antes de dormir… Porque você foi, mas não é, e não será de novo. Cansei de confusão, quero descomplicar a minha vida, e você não irá fazer parte dela.
—  Adeus, por enquanto.