The boyband which Kise leads

Another picture from Kuobas 3DS was release today…

A boyband where Kise is a lead singer and Aomine is a guitarist?????! I swear this game has so much fan service it’s bad for my heart asdfasd

and can you imagine they singing their duet song ‘Let me burn’ together with this? So I drew something to match my imagination ^ q ^)/

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Gom reacting to their s.o. losing their memories in a car accident? What would they do to help their s.o. get their memories back?

Aomine Daiki: Aomine manages to refrain from lashing out at the doctor when he is informed of your memory loss. Seeing you return his stare with such a blank, emotionless expression makes his mouth go dry, and that night he punches a hole in his wall out of frustration. He only reveals who he is to you after you question him on why he visits you in hospital every day. 

Don’t worry, baaaka. I’m not going to lay a hand on you until you remember who I am. Which you will, by the way. I’ll make sure of it.

Kise Ryouta: You startle when you wake up to find a blonde-haired boy asleep in the chair with his head resting on the edge of your hospital bed. He stirs awake when you try to shuffle to the other side, and you find yourself unable to move as his golden eyes, reflecting fear and uncertainty for a fleeting moment, captures yours. 
”_____-cchi…” He breathes out finally, and you ask him how he knows your name. Kise offers a sad smile in response. 

I’m Kise Ryouta. I’ll do everything I can so that you remember what that name means to you, _____-cchi.”

Midorima Shintarou: He visits the hospital so often that at first, you mistake him for a male nurse. Midorima brings in your lucky item every day, setting it on the bed-side table before he leaves for school. His throat tightens when you finally question him about the strange items that he leaves on the table. 

For good luck and protection. You’ll thank me one day, when you remember.

Murasakibara Atsushi: The sight of Murasakibara looming over you as you wake up is terrifying, but he doesn’t seem to care about what you think. Pulling up a chair next to your bed, he plops down and proceeds to open a packet of chips, pausing briefly to offer you one. He only shrugs when you shake your head. 

They said you don’t remember who I am, ___-chin…so I’m going to stay here with you until you do…

Kuroko Tetsuya: The first thing you see after staring into Kuroko’s eyes for the first time since the accident is remorse. He explains to you that you had lost your memories in the car accident, and that he was simply your classmate who was here to help you recover them. Kuroko sits with you for hours each day going through everything he knows about you, your school, your family, your relationships with everyone else.

Are you really just my classmate, Kuroko-kun?” You ask one day.
…For now, yes.

Akashi Seijurou: Although he does not admit this to anyone, Akashi is worried sick - about your health, your wellbeing, the possibility that you may never remember him again. Whilst still attending basketball practise, he drops out of all his other lessons in school to spend time with you at the hospital and to take you on long walks - subtly drops hints of his relationship with you whenever he can. You soon find yourself becoming rather knowledgable about Akashi, although you’re not sure why. 

This isn’t the end, _____. I’ll see to it that you regain your memories."  

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I would love to be caught in the rain without an umbrella by aomine or murasakibara and then have them take me to their house and have cuddles then slowly lead to hot passionate sex

I like the way you think anon…≖‿≖

Aomine: “Man, what were you thinking? It was cloudy all day…” Aomine complained pulling you into the safety of his home. Your uniform drenched with rain stuck to you like a second skin, making the contours of your body visible to Aomine. He stared at you for a while until you sneezed. “You need to get out of those” he sighed pulling you up to his room. He gave you a shirt to change into and a pair of his shorts with drawstrings.

After you changed you both sat on the couch in silence. You sneezed again causing him to groan. “Your sick now, great” he grumbled pulling you into his lap. You went with it mostly because he was warm and you were still freezing. Feeling him breathe on the back of your neck didn’t help you much. “Ah? sit still already” Aomine grumbled annoyed from your squirming. You butt rubbed against his slowly growing erection.

"Oi, your making it hard for me…" he groaned grabbing your hips. You could feel something hard poke you from behind. "I can tell" you said with a blush growing on your face. "Then you should know what come next" Aomine whispered into your ear.

Murasakibara: “___-chin, you’re getting wet” Murasakibara said pulling you with him to his house. He left you to do what you wanted in his house, considering no one else was home. You went upstairs to at least get out of your clothes and dry off. Once in the bathroom, you stripped immediately and used a towel to dry off. Hearing a knock at the door you peeked outside.

Murasakibara stood with his hand outstretched, in his grasp was one of his shirts. “This should be enough” he said letting it rest in your hands. He left immediately, allowing you to change in peace. Once in the shirt you looked for him, only to find him in his bed. “Mu-kun~ you can’t just leave your guest alone~” you whined walking over to him. He pulled you into the bed with him and held you close. “Okay” he hummed into your hair.

After a while you could feel his hands rub your sides. “What are you doing?” you asked trying to wiggle your way out of his hold. “You feel cold, I’m trying to warm you up” Murasakibara said against you neck causing you to shiver. “Hmm~? looks like I’m going to have to try harder” Murasakibara reached under his shirt to touch more of you. “Ah, ____-chin isn’t wearing anything under~” “You didn’t give me any—ah~!”

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okay but aomine trying to be all smooth with a pick up line only to get "the only one who can date me is me" sass in his face please I need this in my life

Aomine Daiki: When Aomine first started to hit on you, he expected it to be all sunshine and cupcakes; he was part of the Generation of Miracles, after all, who wouldn’t want a trophy boyfriend such as him? He discovers his charms don’t make everyone easily attainable after approaching you, leaning against the wall in a cool way (he saw it in a movie once) and winking at you. He’d only talked to you for a few days before deciding to make his move, never expecting you to reject him in such a playful manner, since he felt you’d taken to his charm rather well. He feels dejected as you spit out the “The only one who can date me is me” line in his face, wondering if it was true that you felt that way, or if you were just teasing him for his own confident one-liner he’d deliver while on the court. While he watches you walk away with a puzzled expression, his heart jumps as you turn around to face him once more.

You turn to him with an amused smile on your face, "I didn’t tell you to give up."

He glares, "I didn’t plan on it!"


Kuroko no Basuke clear cards that’s gonna be released in March 2015. 


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Hi:) another request:) hope you can answer. Knb characters at an art competition;)

Hello hello, thankies for the request! 

Akashi: He got first place of course. :P

Akashi: “All I do is win.” ᕙ( •̀ ω •́ )ᕗ✧

Midorima: He actually did pretty well in the competition, by making a sculpture of Kerosuke that was bigger than himself.

Takao: “Shin-chan is a special child.” ^^;

Kise: According to the Q&A section of the manga he isn’t very artistically talented, so he definitely wouldn’t place very high.. but knowing that doesn’t stop him from practicing a lot so that he can do his personal best. (^ w ^)/

Kise: “Kurokocchi, how does it look?” :D

Kuroko: “Bad.”

Kise: “So cruel!” *being stabbed by Kuroko’s words*

Kuroko: “But you did better than I thought.”

Kise: “Even crueler!” *stab stab*

Aomine: He didn’t win anything, but that’s probably because he didn’t try very hard. :P

Aomine: *drops a blob of paint on some paper*

Kuroko: “Aomine-kun, I can’t even tell what that’s supposed to be.”

Aomine: “You just don’t get modern art, Tetsu.”

~ But neither did the judges ~

Murasakibara: He made a sculpture of umaibō using umaibō and placed in front of Midorima. He also ate his entry after the competition was over.

Himuro: “Atsushi is also a special child.” ^^;

Kuroko: His artwork was really good but no one noticed that he was participating in the competition. (> o <、)


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