To Live and Die in London, a new A/B fanfiction
John Bates is an NCA agent in modern London who finds himself deep into an investigation that mingles murder, trafficking and powerful people. Driven by revenge and morality, John finds some solace in a growing relationship with a mysterious woman, but it might well ruin both their lives.
Soon on!

SPN Rare Ships Newsletter 03/04/15

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In Hell by Skitty_the_Great (Dean/Meg; E WIP 8/?)
Family Ties by gracestealingcastiel (Dean/Jo; Cas/Hannah; E; WIP 4/?)
What I do, Tonight by KatZen, MooseFeels  (Sam/Jess; M; WIP 1/?)
Polaroid by kierenmonroe (Sam/Jess; unrated)
Look Out In The Blackout by smithandwinchester, winchestersinthedrift (Sam/Ruby; Dean/Anna; E; WIP 4/?)
Hell’s Bells and Hallelujah by BleedingInk (Cas/Meg; M; WIP 3/?)


Boundless as the Sea by Nightmare_Child (E; WIP 19/?)
Not a secret anymore by D_D (unrated; WIP 2/?)
Sastiel Tales From the Bunker by Wild_fangirl67 (G; WIP 4/?)
After by posingasme (also Dean/Pamela; T; WIP 9/?)
The Angel Next Door by posingasme (T; WIP 5/?)
Theophobia by Zetal (G)
Cursed Blessings by jsymo (unrated; WIP 17/?)
Why Fake Names Are a Dumb Idea by PlatonicRabbit (T)
Killing Sam Winchester by APenToMyHeadandImDead (T)
Spin by Iship_lover (T)
We Draw Our Own Worlds by NotQuiteInsane (T; WIP 6/?)
Unknown Number by Another_Freak1258, live_laugh_murder (T; WIP 5/?)
The boy who blocked his own shot by all_the_kings_ham (M; WIP 8/?)
Golden Slumbers by Willbakefordean (E; WIP 9/?)
Hunter at Heart, Hunter to the Core by anarchycox (M; WIP 6/?)
Don’t Let Go by Lynx22281 (T; WIP COMPLETE)
Two Alphas by mtothedestiel (E; WIP 14/?)
Brilliant and Bruising by Taste_of_Suburbia (T)
Cuddle Confessions by Sphenimersus (T)
Pink Lace On Sweat by augustinevirus (E)
The Step After Denial by songofhell (Dean/Crowley; E; WIP 8/?)
The First Time (They Wanted for a Long Time) by supernaturallylost (Dean/Crowley; E)
It’s a pleasure doing business with you by Marium (Dean/Alastair; T)
Hellfire by lucitheangel (Dean/Michael; E; WIP 4/7)
who saved who? by savydestiel (Sam/Crowley; T; WIP 2/?)
lookin at you and feelin what i’m feelin by imdeansgirl (Sam/Kevin; G)
Leaked by thedropoutandthejunkie (Sam/Kevin; E)
You’re In Love by YamiAki96 (Cas/Crowley; T)
Sealed with a kiss by ailuthien (Crowley/Bobby; E; WIP 2/?)
Too soon by JauntyHako (Michael/Adam; T)
You have your calling and I have mine by dorkydomain (Adam/Samandriel; G; WIP 8/?)

the storm and the shore by persiflet (Anna/Ruby; T)
Dancing by supernaturallylost (Jo/Meg; E)

Nope. Sorry.


A Thousand Wishes by MysticMoonhigh (T; WIP 12/?)
Gentle Touch by thebuttonghost (T; WIP 13/?)
The Alpha’s Home by darkroses (E; WIP 16/?)
Baby in the Box by pyrodaggers, StarkRogers135 (G)
Girls Just Want to Have an Apocalypse by tyanite (also Lucifer/Michael, Abner/Gadreel, T, WIP 9/?)
Can’t Remember to Forget You by SebastianDaemonAzia (M; WIP 5/6)
Study Rooom by queenbree17 (Dean/Cas/Benny; M; WIP 5/?)

The Plot by Castiel_Left_His_Mark_On_Me (E; WIP 31/?)
Spilled Soup and Such by dontcryMasha (unrated; WIP 5/?)
Bringing Down My Walls by Hallemcready (T)
If I could have just a taste of you by ficforthought (Jensen/Colin; E; WIP 14/?)

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Editor’s Choice
Dancing by supernaturallylost (Jo/Meg; E)
Anna Cosplay Guide Master-post

Hey everyone! I’ve been getting a ton of asks on how I made certain parts of my Anna Cosplay, so I decided to make one big post about it! I hope this helps for you fellow Anna cosplayers out there :)

The Skirt:

My skirt is made of blue flannel I found at Jo-Ann’s.  I made it into a ¾ circle skirt using this tutorial:

I haven’t worked on the detailing yet, but I’m going to be painting on the decals with acrylic paint, and then gradually embroidering over the paint. I decided to do this because I have some plans to go out as Anna in the next weeks, and embroidering takes a ton of time.

 For the light blue at the end of the skirt, I’m not choosing the best way to go about this, but I’m getting some light blue felt from Jo-Ann’s and simply top-stitching it on.

The shirt:

I believe I made the shirt out of a polyester blouse material… Also from Jo-Ann’s.

I used the pattern Burda 7136. I took the basic shirt pattern for shirt A/B and used the pattern pieces for the buttons of C (to make hidden buttons). I also ignored the instructions for the pocket and didn’t do the button-thing for the cuffs. You can use this tutorial for the mandarin collar:

 For the detailing, I used a thin ribbon I got from Michaels and pressed it in half, then hand-sewed it on. The triangle thingys will probably be hand-embroidered when I get to them, as will the cuffs.

The Bodice:


I’m currently working on a full tutorial for the bodice, I’ll link it here once it’s finished. (I’m also re-doing it with velvet and hand-embroidery!)

I used a thick polyester suiting material. The paint was acrylic, and the trim is the regular stuff from hancock/Jo-Ann’s in a tan color, spray-painted gold. The pattern I used was McCall’s #4107 Corset E, with a lot of altering (hence the need for a tutorial).

The cloak:


This one is also still in the works, obviously.

I’m using pink fleece with magenta flannel for the detailing. I’m not using a pattern, and I’m basically winging it as I go. If it’s a success I might make a tutorial or a pattern for it.

Note: Don’t mix up flannel, fleece, and felt! (like I did at first).

I hope this helped, and I hope all of your Anna cosplays turn out amazing! 

A little preview of that one 1940’s piece I suppose~
I love the idea so much though, I’ll most likely make more with this theme.

The facial expressions or even outfits aren’t for sure yet, I just needed this rough draft to get the pose right. :)

Haha, flirty babies are flirty. Anna took his hat and ran around a corner, Kristoff chased her and now he’s trying to convince her to sing a duet with him and he might let her keep it if she wants it so badly.
She has someonething else in mind that she’d like to keep.. and so continues the teasing. :P