"My suffering unites me to God partly because it dissolves the glue that bonds me to the one thing that keeps me from God: my own self-will.  Saints embrace suffering for one reason only: the love of God.

Sufferings do not automatically do anyone any good.  They must be willed, accepted, believed, offered up, and joined to Christ’s.  Much suffering can be wasted and is.  Only love willingly endures suffering.”

~from The God Who Loves You

(art: The Grotto of the Agony, by James Tissot)

Tell me do you believe in angels? Angels that has big wings that are invisible to the eye. Angels so quiet that you almost forget that they are even there. Angels that take in every detail about a situation trying their hardest to prevent something bad from happening. Angels that mess up more than they wish to. Angels that stands up everytime the have fallen down. Angels that admire others but put themselves down. Angels that are scrolling their phone listening to music shutting out the world to be strong. Tell me do you believe in Angels like yourself?
—  Do you believe in angels like yourself?

(All of my responses are in bold and italic!- Sopheriel) (omg senpai noticed me the things i put in askboxes never get answered thank you omg)

Sopheriel: Wow, a lot of questions! If you’d like, you can send them as asks (they’re a little easier to respond to for me), and just send as many messages as you need. But I will get to all of your questions, I promise. :)

I have so many questions about angels now. Are they closer to the ‘winged humanoid’ type thing or the ‘big ball of wings and eyes’ type thing? or are they both or neither or…..?

S: They can be either, really. Angels are a human constructed idea, and they aren’t necessarily one look over another. Most appear humanoid to humans, because that’s what the eye best responds to. But, in my case, sometimes I even appear as a tree-like entity as my angelic/spiritual self.

Also, are they tied to any one religion? The angel-connection thing always bugged me, because i consider myself atheist. The only angels i know about are from religion, (Christian/Jewish/Muslim) and all those religions involve a god i don’t believe in.

S: I think people classify them into religions, but I loosely define angels as they define themselves: it would be any spirit that identifies the Creator as their Creator and follows His command, in whatever way they feel that is (and they can disagree and still be angels). I don’t think any religion or one person, myself included, has pinpointed all spirituality with perfect accuracy. 

Also, are there multiple kinds of angels? i’ve seen mentions of different hierarchies of angels, but i’m asking if there are what could be considered multiple species. 

S: Yes about the hierarchies, and species…? Yes and no I suppose? “Angels” is a loose species, but some are also Fae, Demons, Gods, etc etc… Species aren’t as well defined spiritually, since the real definition of a species is that crossbreeding with another species produces no or infertile offspring. Almost all spirits can share energy and “cross-breed,” no matter their “species.”

Is it possible for angels to have tails?

S: Yep! I’ve heard of them, especially in spirits that have animal traits, some angels definitely have tails if they wish. Spirits can add whatever they want to their spirit, though some things resonate as more natural than others. 

Is there any physical difference between “normal” and fallen angels?

S: I’ve always seen “fallen” angels as a myth that humans made. I think the closest to them is just an angel marked by their Creator or supervisor/superior in a way that limits their power or limits them from accessing the high planes they used to be able to. Lucifer, for instance, is definitely not fallen, he’s fully powerful, still works with the Creator, and can access all planes of existence. 

I’ve heard of some otherkin species (like certain kinds of elves) reconstructing the language they spoke as elves. Is there anything like this for angels?

S: Indeed, I’ve spoken in sometimes. I usually just do it intuitively. The angelic language is kind of the “business language” of spirits too. Like English here on earth. It’s a general spiritual language. It’s usually called Enochian, and it’s spoken really smoothly and fluidly.  

If i was an angel in a past life, why don’t i remember it like others who claim to be reincarnated do? Is there any way to fix this?

S: That’s easy to fix! Just do past life regression meditations. There are great ones on youtube. 

I’m sorry for dumping all these questions here, and i apologize in advance because i’ll probably dump more later.

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