Sebious Speaks: Books - The Masque of Vyle by Andy Chambers

*Spoiler Warning*

Today I am talking about the Warhammer 40k Novella, The Masque of Vyle by Andy Chambers, giving an overview of the story and a bit of a review.

There are some spoilers in the videos, though am generally giving an overview of the stories and not going too in-depth.

- Darth Sebious

Immortal souls adrift in an endless sea of aeons eternally at war with themselves, being driven by passions so strong, so primal they have become entities we have come to call gods. Little do those poor souls know that it’s their own believe that gives shape to what oppresses them and that they lend it their strenght with every struggle. Poor, lost, immortal souls; they can be crushed, they can be consumed, they can be enslaved, they can be corrupted, but they can never, ever be completely destroyed.
—  Andy Chambers, path of the incubus.

A super cool guy just released a super cool video!

Andy “Bubble” Chambers final vid from SA!

Loved the ending part!!!