Mark & Andrew talk Sherlocked Snippets

Just a few recollections of amusing moments from the Mark and Andrew talk at Sherlocked:

- Mark and Andrew were fantastic together, and spent about a third of their talk giggling or putting on silly voices. I would have paid the weekend ticket price just for the opportunity to get in to see their talk.

- An audience member asked why Jim was obsessed with Sherlock and not Mycroft. Andrew said how do you know he’s not, the obsession is all off-screen, and then had one of many giggling fits. Mark went on to talk about Mycroft having done a more successful job of removing emotion from his life and Sherlock not being as good at it so having the chinks in his emotional armour that Jim fixes on and thinks he can exploit. On balance I think I’m going with Andrew’s theory for my Jimcroft headcanons. ;D

- Mark did call Mycroft “the uber-Holmes” though. I need that on a t-shirt.

- When someone from France asked a question Mark had a flashback to school French lessons and was quoting from the tape recordings they used to have - “Écoute et répète“ - and went on to make tape recording beeping noises whenever someone French came up again.

- The first French girl said she had a question for Andrew, so after getting all into his French thing Mark then pretended to be hurt it wasn’t a question for him - so he put the microphone down and got up to peruse the bookshelves on the stage set instead, and sat back down leafing through one of the books for a while.

- There was reiteration that the sniping between Sherlock and Mycroft comes from a place of affection, it’s a very family thing, but they’re not going to info-dump all of the Holmesian childhood all at once - Mark proposed dribbling it out over thirty years. There was a Yoda impression about not giving out backstories.

- The tagline for their talk became “are you beach body ready?”, said in a dodgy American accent. It’s the new “Carousel!”. The chap hosting the talks proceeded to reference it in the Ladies of Sherlock talk and SFX demonstration later - to applause from audience members who’d been in the Mark and Andrew talk, and bafflement from everyone else!

- Mark says he’s beach body ready if the beach is Morecambe, or in general a nice British beach on a grey winter day with a red flag up.

- An audience member asked “Do you shave for Sherlock Holmes?”. Mark answered that he does, but he wasn’t going to say where. Vajazzling then got mentioned, before he pointed out that as he often wears a beard he usually does have to shave for Sherlock

- Mark said that he’d like to play Andrew in a biopic of his life, but unfortunately he’s too tall. Apparently according to Andrew it would be a toss up between Mark and American actress Sally Field.

- Someone asked where they would take their character for the day. I think Andrew said he’d take Moriarty to see Mamma Mia and then for dinner at the Angus Steakhouse - and proposed making it a double date with Mark and Mycroft. But Mark would like Mycroft to show him the dark secrets of government, and said he’d like to visit Baskerville and see the dogs the size of horses.

- On the question of which character you’ve played is your favourite, Andrew said he didn’t have a favourite. So Mark kept muttering threateningly under his breath “It’s Moriarty. Say Moriarty. Say it. It’s Moriarty.” Andrew eventually conceded that it’s Moriarty. Mark said his would be Peter Mandelson in Coalition, and added that James Graham (the writer, who also wrote The Vote which Mark is in at the moment) had just received an email from Peter Mandelson saying he’d enjoyed it. High praise from the Prince of Darkness!

- There was tutting about the destruction of London’s cultural landmarks in the likes of Soho, and Andrew took the opportunity of a question from an audience member involved in the campaign to promote the upcoming equal marriage referendum in Ireland.

- Someone asked if there was a “tie code” and Mark confirmed that no, they aren’t trying to send messages through ties - things like the skulls on Andrew’s tie in the first series was just a design choice. And he confirmed again his tie didn’t have umbrellas on, they were birds (he thought they might be swifts). The real tie code is in the Thai food.

- On that note someone else asked about Mycroft’s ring again and once more it was confirmed it’s not a wedding ring, it’s just a ring, there’s nothing more to it than that. Mark wasn’t helping matters by adding ‘Or am I lying?’ to that answer!

- Someone asked what their Mastermind specialist subjects would be. Mark took the opportunity to tut that the questions were often so easy these days; he said when the League of Gentlemen was a specialist subject recently the questions were so basic. Though he conceded he didn’t get them all right! He proposed probably Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, James Bond films - causing slightly eyebrow raising panic from Andrew with that last one! Andrew said he’d probably pick modern art, and that David Hockney was his favourite artist.

- There was a request for Andrew to do an evil laugh, and Mark kept doing little schoolgirl-esque titters on his behalf. The consensus seemed to be that they deliberately didn’t want Moriarty to have an evil laugh, though Andrew did talk about his “twisted joie de vivre”.

- Someone asked them rhetorically “why are you both so perfect” and Andrew said he hates that term, then apologised many times saying he felt really bad saying that and didn’t mean anything towards the person in the audience, but talked about how perfection is a dangerous illusory state and that it’s much better to understand that the people you love have flaws but you love them regardless.

- Mark agreed with Andrew on that last one but pointed out that he is in fact perfect though. True story.

I don’t like labelling people I think it’s reductive, the nice thing is that people can read whatever they want in his obsession with Sherlock
—  Andrew Scott on “is Moriarty bi?”

So today I showed Andrew Scott my ruined picture with him from yesterday. He is literally THE most adorable person to ever grace this earth…..if you can’t quite read what he wrote this is it:

“For anyone looking at this….I RUINED this picture.
Lots of love and apologies Hayley
Love Andrew Scott”

During his talk today someone asked him why he was so perfect and he immediately said he didn’t like “perfect” he said something along the lines of what makes people great is that we’re all different and you love them for it.
My picture isn’t perfect, but it holds funny memories for me - now to buy a frame and get this put up


Thought it’d make a post with all (well most of) my photos from this weekend. I got to meet so many of my favourite people and not a single one of them disappointed me. I can honestly say everyone I met from the Sherlock cast and crew were so kind and accommodating. It was such a phenomenal weekend. I’d like so say a special thank you to Lara Pulver (not that she’ll see this) but when I went to meet her I was an emotional wreck, I got to tell her how much she meant to me and she gave me a massive hug before proceeding to tell me that I was beautiful and that she was so happy that she helped me get into a better place in my life.

So thank you to all of the guests and crew at Sherlocked, you gave me the best weekend of my life.