Because making these is so fun, have some more.
Gangsta. icons made using Kohske’s twitter art
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niv97 asked:

Hey! It's actually my 18th birthday today but I also have a final exam on the same day. Could I get a little motivation to study? :)


That’s a big day! First of all, happy birthday! 

Quick! Grab your friends! 

Get your favorite food from your favorite restaurant (and get dessert!) 

Take a quick selfie.

Because you have to have to get back and start studying! 

Make sure to drink a lot of coffee and dive into all your books! 

No worries! You’re going to kick this exam’s butt! 

Have a great birthday, pal! - Noah 

by saminthewolf — Got a few comments about this sketch and realised I never posted it. Started as a hand study, then got carried away. I used to want to be a comic book artist for marvel as a teenager, but then found out I get really bored of drawing the same thing over and over again which is why i will probably never finish this 😔😔 April 02, 2015 at 08:03PM via:

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I’ve gotten quite a few questions about uni (which isn’t strange from his much I talk about it) and how I figured out what uni I wanted to go to. This post is a bit late for those of you going to uni this fall, obviously, but I was thinking that those of you who will be starting your application process this year might find it useful. 

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so far this year ive had 3 grades back (two A’s and an A+) and suddenly im just like…. fuck. i am completely capable of only getting A’s for the entire year. because i havent been working nearly as hard as i could be so this is such a motivator to work really fucking hard and hopefully get some scholarships and eventually go on to do post grad study somewhere out of new zealand. this is great im really happy.

How to study like a pro!!1!

Step 1: open tumblr
Step 2: do no studying whatsoever for hours
Step 3: hate yourself
Step 4: start studying
Step 5: give up and take a nap
Step 6: wake up the next morning and cry

Monday, April 20th 2015 // I had a lecture this morning so I only had the afternoon to study. I started a bit later than usual because of My Dear Bessie (honestly GO LISTEN TO IT. Just DO IT but I got everything done anyway! I’m getting addicted to the feeling of achievement I get when I close the book in the evening and I know I did the best that I could for the day. The more you get done, the more you’ll want to do! ☺️

I never liked that Sakura became a medical ninja. To me, “the medic” in anime/TV seems so often to be an assumed female role, like any girl on a combat team HAD to be one. Just when I was getting used to it, the anime showed Ino starting to study medical ninjutsu also and I got pissed off that Sakura couldn’t even have that accomplishment to herself. I secretly still hate it.

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Some of you know that it’s always been a dream of mine to go to university in the States. Well, I am a step closer to that dream becoming a reality today. I have received my official acceptance letter to Berkeley City College, where I’ll start my Political Science studies… in a month and a half. Wish me luck!

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argentbradamante said:13. Do you prefer to keep your art personal, or do you like drawing things for other people?

Very little of my art is personal. It has to be total garbage sketching, or something I’m really embarrassed by. Sometimes, I post things and then take them back, because I realize I’d rather people didn’t know. The nice thing about people not really caring about your work much, is that people probably aren’t screencapping it or saving it for posterity.

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hey yo

I got a few replies queued up and they’ll be posted throughout the day, I think. Starting today I have to start studying in preparation for my final clinical rotation at the hospital (I’m placed in the renal/urology unit and I’m really proud :D). Since I don’t wanna kill anyone I’m gonna be a nerd from today on. I’ll still be around but probably less so. Please be patient with my replies <3 

Wish me luck and happy roleplaying to the rest of you cuties!