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Salaam. I have an exam tomorrow and I can't seem to get myself to start studying bc I feel like no matter what I do I will still fail and not get into the program I want. I know my future has already been written but if I don't get into this program then the last two years will have been for nothing and there will be nothing I can use the knowledge I've gained in the past two years :(( There hasn't been a day in the last three weeks where I haven't cried and I can feel my imaan slipping away

Walaikum Assalaam

Have confidence in yourself that you can do. Give yourself positive messages that you can do better and it’s not difficult. If you keep giving yourself negative message it will only increase you stress and you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies. Tell yourself I can do better and it’s not that difficult and you will succeed in shaa Allah.

To motivate yourself for studies read here

For Dua for exam. Read here

I hope it will be helpful. May Allah make things easier for you and grant you success in this world and the hereafter.


Finished my last exam on friday ! Feels so good to be free. I’m planning out the next month and relaxing this week before I start my coop work term at the hospitals research centre next week. Im both excited and nervous to be working full time until the end of December. Even though I won’t be going back to classes until January I’ll be starting to study for the MCAT ! Just need to buy the books :)

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Any suggests to study well??:)

 Oh that’s really hard because I’m actually struggling with that myself haha. But here are a few suggestions

1. Try finding a good study method that works for you. To be honest I haven’t found mine yet but I know for sure that rewriting my old notes is really helpful and making  out of them a really good study guide,

2. Give yourself time to study, don’t rush things. After I get home from school, I always read my notes and I start studying from the day that the lecture starts, so when the final or midterm comes I don’t have to go and review all the old things

3. Get organized, make a study schedule and a to-do list. I write EVERYTHING down, if I don’t a forget about them. 

4. I’m a visual learner so making mind maps, adding pictures, flow charts, diagrams to my notes help quite a lot. 

5. Prioritize your subjects and assignments. I’m not saying that they are not equally important, the thing is that ,at least for me, there are subjects that I don’t really enjoy, so I have to work on them more.

6. Organize your study space. This is really important, having a clean desk just makes everything enjoyable haha.

7. Get at least 8 hours of sleep, or take short naps so you don’t get tired or distracted. 

8. Keep your binder/notebook clean and organized. 

hey so UK friends!

so as you may or may not know, i got accepted to the university of leeds in england and will be starting my doctorate studies there in the fall. i am super SUPER excited and basically can’t wait. 

sooo…. here’s the thing. i am living with the fam right now in a very small apartment and our lease expires in july. my parents are on a fixed and very tight income (my dad is disabled, we’re doing the social security runaround and he’s putting together some outside work – trust me, the guy is 62 and in amazing shape physically and mentally, but not everything runs as well as it used to) and thus are going to be moving to a smaller/rent-controlled place with one bedroom (we’re in a two bedroom right now). my sister (who also lives with us) is going to be moving away as well and hence yeah, this comes at a really inconvenient time for me. but… what can you do.

anyway, as i said, the lease runs out in the end of july (about the 25th) and school starts on october 1st. that gives me about eight weeks to kill with nowhere to really stay. i was wondering if any of you lovely people would be willing to let me crash with you for all or part of that time. i am very quiet, very polite, very neat, would cook and clean and otherwise help out around the house to thank you for letting me sleep in your spare room or in the basement or whatever, and then would leave about mid-september to spend some time with my dear shaddicted in london before heading up to leeds around september 25th. obviously if it could be in one place or close to one place or within train/ferry distance so i didn’t have to spend extra money on transit, that would be great. (and assuming visa stuff comes through, which i will be applying for as soon as funding is in place). as i said, i really don’t need much and i would be eternally in your debt.

i’m possibly thinking of winter-by-the-sea, i-love-you-swan, and i know there are others that i am overlooking, but yeah – i thought i’d ask at least. thanks if you even consider it!

There is a point to you.
When I first started studying the universe it was because someone very close to me had told me that to know the cosmos was to know myself. 
Think about it. Every single atom in motion on this planet right now was created from stars. You are created from the same stuff. Stars have died so that you can live. And living may simply be your point. 
My friend told me today that I can’t commit suicide because I’m too busy. I laughed at the time, but he was right. And neither can you. You have too much going on to just up and leave. Too much to do in the future. Hell, tomorrow you could smoke a huge ass bowl and be glad you didn’t die in your sleep. It’s funny how the world works that way. 
My point is, you are a life that the universe created by hand, you are unique. Atoms will never arrange quite like this again, no one will have the same ideas and the same dreams. No one will have the same depression. And sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed is thinking that I wouldn’t have been born the way I was if it wasn’t for some purpose. You wouldn’t have been born you if you didn’t have a purpose. The road is foggy. The land is disappearing beneath your feet. But you’re on your way to great things, your purpose just hasn’t shown itself yet.
—  A Text To My Suicidal Friend

Hi! I have my mid year exams coming up in about 5 weeks so I’m sorry if I’m not as active as usual I’m like super mega stressed asdfghjkl (and if I am active please tell me to get off and start studying ty)

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Any advice for an ROTC cadet that wants to do Tactical MISO/PSYOPS?

You have a good start with ROTC. Just study for the ASVAB and PT. I don’t know that much about PSYOPS. So that’s all I got for you.

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I'm accepted at a college and have to register for courses soon. I'm scared that I'm placed on a course waitlist because my high school grades aren't very good...What happens if I would be placed on a waitlist for courses and wouldn't get off the waitlist until the semester start? Would that mean I cannot start to attend college in the fall 2015? (even if I'm accepted at that college for the fall 2015 and my study visa starts 2015)? I hope you understood what I mean (my Engl. sucks) Thank you

I assume that you’re American (or at least using the American education system) based on your use of the words “fall” and “college” but I’m from the UK and the education systems are completely different so I can’t answer your question.

Is it weird that I prefer how I used to write? Normally, writers are happier with their newer pieces than their older ones, but I’m not. I think I used to use more poetic, figurative language, but then September came, and I started studying AS Creative Writing.
Ernest Hemingway was the writer we looked at for prose, and to be economical with our writing is what we were taught. Describe very little. Did I modify that noun with adjectives? Well, don’t. Get rid of them. Don’t use adverbs either. Leave it all to the reader. Tell them very little. Let them figure it out on their own. Die, as an author.
Now my writing feels so formal, like I’m writing an entry for an encyclopaedia or something. I try to be poetic or figurative, but everything feels like a cliché, and I’m not creative enough to come up with new ways to describe things. And don’t readers find overzealous descriptions boring anyway? Do they want a setting of the scene, or just to dive straight into the action? I don’t know anymore.

Dear Followers or Studyblrs,

I made this little thing, in which I summarize how to get to studying. Many people have problems regarding to how not to be distracted, how to start studying, etc, so I decided to make this in order to help you out. Yes, the illustrations were made by me. :) 

Let me know, if you like it or if you have any questions! I will try to do my best to help you out! :) 

And don’t forget: Studying is enjoyable and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!