Post Exam Reflection: Immunology

Hello guys!

I just came back from my Immunology final and that was tough (don’t I say this after every test?). I had been a little distracted yesterday with the apartment and the whole scary event the day before, so to convince my self of studying I started drawing. You see, immunology is full of tiny details that after a while all sound the same so you need to have tricks to make sure you remember them.

It was an amazing trick that I wish I had started using earlier during my Immunology study. It allowed me to retain large volumes of information and details and it worked great for somethings. 

That said, it was a very hard test (details.. details… not a lot of studying happened). Grades have not been released yet and I did good on the quizzes so I hope everything works out. 

I think I will incorporate more visuals into my study methods (it’s not applicable for everything, but it’s good for stupid details that you must know) in the future. 

Now cross your fingers that I passed guys!

Hello friends! I almost forgot today was #noshameday and I’m glad I did not because I kinda like seeing other people’s faces and stories to remember that I’m not alone. 

One thing that I just wanna get out there is that it is possible to have disabilities and be who you wanna be. I had undiagnosed OCD and anxiety for a really really long time before it got bad four years ago and mixed with my burgeoning bipolar disorder in really unpleasant ways. I thought my world and my plans for life were over - everywhere I would read forums online telling me that my prognosis was poor and that I was doomed. When I started my studies in microbiology, I felt like a sham and I felt so alone because I had never met anyone like me whose life was working out the way they wanted. Four years later and I am almost finished with my degree, only not on time because of a semester where I was briefly a different major. I am a student leader and I am employed.

If you are young and mentally ill, there is still hope for you and you are not alone. If you’re mentally ill and working in a field that you’re not stereotypically supposed to (like a scientist rather than an artist) you are not alone! Your life is not over if you become sick at thirteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty.

Much love!

(PS: proof that I am actually a scientist - the mark on my forehead is crystal violet from a messy Gram stain. Oops!)

anonymous asked:

How can I stay on top of my homework and study for my exams at the same time? These are my first exams and I'm getting very nervous as they are coming in a month and a half! I don't know what to do or where to start. I have no idea what to study. Help!!! I need to keep up with my homework and study.

plan! planning will be your best friend, it will really help you get on top of everything and it will also give you a place to start. Check out my study guide for more ideas!xo

nishiinoyah asked:

Akaashi having this little tic that he does when he's studying. He starts to hum--doesn't matter what it is, but it's always really low so mostly no one can hear him. Eventually when there's some group study thing he forgets that he does it and everyone either is humming along with him or in Bokuto's case, he sings along.

How not to study:
  • Me:oh man I should really study for that exam
  • 10 am:*alarm goes off* oh I can sleep in a little longer.
  • 11 am:hmm not nearly lunch time yet. Wouldn't want to start studying and then disrupt my flow later.
  • 12 pm:Yass. Lunch time. Let's see how much of the kitchen I can eat.
  • 1 pm:hmm yes. Sufficiently full. Oh wait. Now I gotta go pee. *spends 1 hour on the phone on the toilet*
  • 2 pm:wow, cmon gotta getcha head in the game. Getcha, getcha, getcha head in the game. Haha good song. I haven't seen that movie in a while I should make sure it's as good as I remember.
  • 4 pm:WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS! Yup still a good movie.
  • 5 pm:oh look at that, I have a notification on tumblr
  • *tumblrs*
  • 7 pm:Yass! Dinner time! Pizza get in my bellah!
  • 8 pm:ugh so greasily delicious. Thankyou PizzaHut.
  • 9 pm:woah, getting a bit late. Better do some study.
  • 11 pm:yea I made pretty good progress today. But it's time for bed. Man I am beat!
  • *goes on tumblr till 2 am*
  • 2 am:wow. Probably could have been spending all that time on study. Oh well. Too late now I suppose.

17th April

I’ve started this life/study blog (on the side of my primary blog) as a way of self-motivation. This blog will consist mostly of pictures of my day to day revision. And I’ll also reblog others pictures (everyone else’s are so much neater). This is mainly so I am motivated to actually do some revision, but also so that I can (hopefully) inspire others to revise and study too.

After my exams are over this year, it will probably turn into a personal blog where I just document my summer. But, feel free to ask questions and follow if you want to 😊

anonymous asked:

I want to start a study/my life blog but I don't know where to start. Any tips cause yours is so amazing!

Hi, thank you :D and the way to start is to do just that - start. Just post a picture (of whatever you want, it’s your blog) and say ‘Hi’ to the studyblr community - it’s the best and everyone is so lovely and supporting of each other :) Make sure you post consistently and are active on tumblr, liking/reblogging/asking other posts and blogs - good luck :)

sometimes i totally forget the fact community started as a study group for spanish class and chang was the teacher and then became a villainous overlord and then changnesia happened and now he’s part of the group but everyone hates him like that’s the same kinda shit that happened to cricket in it’s always sunny. like damn. character development.