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special announcement!!!!

hello guys! so in honor of reaching 4k followers i figured id do something ive been wanting to do for a while now…

i started an aesthetic blog!

ive been filling it up with posts for the past week or so and so far im really happy with how it looks! i hope you guys like it too and give it a look!

thank you guys so much, i feel so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community of lovely people <3

hope you all have a really nice week:)

i’ll be posting about SADfest a ton in the coming days, of course. still kinda taking it all in a bit, too, of course. i’ll probably try to come up with a more thoughtful post that’s full-on annoying and way longer than it probably should be, but in case i forget, the weekend was awesome. awesome in the total, look-it-up-in-webster’s sense of the word. and it felt really special. my friend pat will point out from time to time—and i always feel blessed when he does—that really, we’re living our good ol’ days right now. i’m always silently grateful to have it pointed out to me. it’s so easy to miss. but this weekend, i didn’t need it pointed out. i feel really lucky (blessed if you appreciate obvious symbolism) that i got to be there for some of my future good ol’ days. i hope some of you guys do, too.

thanks for everything.

Fairy Tail Writing Project #5: Graylu

Thanks again to everyone who has read, reblogged and liked all of the stories I’ve written for this project so far. It really means a lot to me! Here is the Graylu fic. The sixth fic will be posted three days from now. Hope you guys like this one! :)

Pairing: Graylu

Prompt: "Lucy and Gray go to a bar. Gray gets too drunk and Lucy has to take them home.“

Lucy really couldn’t believe what she was doing right now. Earlier in the evening, she was at the Fairy Tail guild, enjoying one of their infamous parties. All of her friends were there and she was having a good time. She had spent most of her time hanging out with Erza, Cana, Juvia, Mira, Levy and Lisanna. They were mostly talking about the latest gossip in the guild, what their jobs were like this week and everyone was talking about their blossoming relationships.

Lucy was currently single, so she didn’t really have much to talk about. But, the girls pressed her for answers, about who she had her eye on. Lucy started to fidget with her sleeves, not really wanting to share who she liked just yet. Just as soon as she was going to speak, she heard a loud bang. Everyone turned their attention over towards the bar and they all see Gray on the ground.

The girls all got up from their seats to check on the situation. When Lucy had reached Gray, she sees Gray unconscious. Wondering what had happened, she turned to Natsu and said, "Natsu, do you know what happened to Gray?” “Oh my god Lucy, you should have seen it! Ice princess here got so wasted! He had gotten up on the bar, but he tripped and fell right off onto the ground.” Lucy looked back at Gray, with a look of concern on her face, holding his head in her hands.

Master Makarov came over towards the group and started to speak, “He should be fine with a bit of rest. Now, Gray should get out of here and rest up. Does anyone want to take him home?” Lucy raised her hand and said, “I will Master Makarov. My apartment isn’t too far from here, he can rest  there.” “Excellent. Thank you Lucy.” Lucy had then summoned Loke to help her carry Gray home and off she went.

When she had gotten back to her place, she thanked Loke for his help and he was off back to the Celestial Spirit World. Lucy had had Loke place Gray on her bed and she had went to get Gray an ice pack for his head. When she placed the ice pack on his head, she noticed him wince a bit, but he immediately returned to his slumber. Lucy decided she was  not going back to the party, but instead she decided to stay here to watch Gray, in case something happened.

As she watched Gray sleep, Lucy took a good look at him. Gray was currently only in his underwear, because of his stripping habit and she was able to see his many scars from their various adventures and a few bruises from  his fall earlier.

Lucy looked to the clock and saw the time was a little after two in the morning. She had decided she was going to sleep herself, as she wanted to get to the guild early so she could find a suitable job to go on. She got up from her seat and headed towards the bathroom to change into her pajamas. 

As she emerged from the bathroom, she heard a small noise. She moved closer, to try and make it out and she realized…that it was coming from Gray. She went  over by Gray’s side, trying to figure out what he was saying.
She suddenly heard him start to talk in his sleep and he said in a soft voice, “Lucy…I like you.” Lucy’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe she just heard that. She had known that sometimes when someone is drunk, they say things that they’re too scared to when they’re sober. Was this something that Gray was scared to tell her. She couldn’t help but wonder.

In all honesty…she liked him back. When the other girls were asking who her crush was, the answer that kept popping up in the back of her mind, was Gray. She liked how easy it was for the two of them to talk about anything, she liked his confidence and most of all…she liked how no matter what, they were always there for each other. Gray had been there for her and she was there for him. They were each other’s rock.

Knowing that he liked her back, it made her happy. But, she wanted him to be able to tell her when he was ready. Lucy moved over to where Gray was and kissed him on the cheek and in a quiet voice, she said, “Goodnight Gray…when you’re ready, just know… I’ll be here waiting.”


message to: ajah stonespeaker
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subject: i’m sorry

i know you’ve been worried that i’ve been runnin around galeras and my lack of messages has been due to me bein badly hurt or somethin but really it’s all been just me bein a big ol’ jerk

i only spent like a day in galeras. all the fightin was too scary for me to deal with so i went back to thayd the next day and got a taxi to celestion and that’s where i’ve really been the past two weeks i’m really sorry

i’m sorry i didn’t tell you i was just being a big baby about being told off for pranking that guy you like and i won’t do it again i promise. honestly i’ve really missed sending you things and i hope you won’t be too mad but i understand if you are


here’s some pretty pictures i took of the arborian memorial garden

Hi I haven’t been posting for a while! that’s because I was busy doing my work and my upcoming comic book me and my gf have been working on! so here is a teaser for our fan comic! since there is no continuation of the Avatar series and my and my girlfriend are avatar addicts so we decided to make a comic of what we (THINK) would happen if the cycle did continue I hope I can post updates on the comic itself too! its the first time I will be doing an online comic series any tips in posting the comic or anything would really help! this got me and my girlfriend really excited! so yeah! update you guys soon!

I want our journey to be full of laughter.

Alright so we all know I’m a huge fucking nerd for Final Fantasy X, and if you’ve ever played it, you no doubt have the infamous “laughing scene” burned into your brain. And dear god the dubbing is horrible, but you can’t deny that it’s adorable. So naturally I had to write it for bellarke, because have you met me?

(If you want to watch the scene, literally just search “FFX laughing scene” on youtube.)

Another Clarke returns fic, cause why the frick not.


It’s been four months when Clarke finally returns, and while her arrival is met with shouts and hugs and celebration, it’s largely uneventful. She’s back where she belongs and fits in again, easily. Not quite like she never left, but better than she dared to hope.

Her reunion with her friends is quiet but emotional; a long hug from Monty, a bone crushing one from Raven, an accepting nod from Jasper that almost breaks her heart, and a warm handshake from Octavia that has her on the verge of happy tears.

Her reunion with Bellamy, too, is a quiet thing. It’s a quick hug, a brief meeting of eyes that says all there is to say.

And with that, it’s back to business as normal–as normal as things can be after all that’s happened.

Three weeks into her return, Bellamy’s sure that he’s the only one who knows how she often leaves camp in the middle of the night.

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Teasing! Matt imagine

Anon asked:  can you do an imagine where you’re dating Matt and you both go to the carnival/amusement park with the guys and you all play some games and just have a fun time but the guys keep teasing you and Matt? love love love your blog btw <3

Here you are, hope you like it and sorry, it took time bc I was busy and I had other requests to do. I’m really happy to hear that you love my blog <3 

As always, let me know what you think ‘cause it really means a lot for me. Also, I’m so sorry, I know it’s a bit long, but I think it’s super cute so, hope you like it too :) 

“Guys, what about going to the six flags? Cmon, it will be fun” Nash suggested as you all agreed. It was a sunny and really hot day in Los Angeles so you decided to spend some time with Matt, your boyfriend and his friends.

You were currently at your and Matt’s flat and since it was around 9, too early for you, you got ready since you were still wearing your pajamas. You decided to wear a tank with shorts and your favorite sneakers. You pulled your hair into a ponytail and put on a light make up. After a while, you all jumped into two cars since there were you, Matt, Nash, Cam, Hayes and the Jacks.

“We’re going to six flags” you yelled at your phone since you were recording a video for your snapchat. “Yes guys, we’ll be there the whole day, so if you wanna come and say hi, we’ll be super happy” Matt added.

After have bought the tickets, you got into the park. You and Matt were holding your hands and of course the boys teased you. “Ohhh, look at those two lovebirds.” Gilinsky exclaimed as the other were like “ooohh”. Then Nash added, resting his arm around Matt’s shoulder  “Guys, will you hold your hands the whole time and do all the stuff that couples normally do? Cause I can’t stand you anymore”. You stuck our your tongue as Matt kissed you cheek.

“Can we go there?” Hayes asked pointing at the highest rollercoaster as everybody nodded their head in affirmation. Matt, knowing that you weren’t a big fan of that rollercoaster, leaned down and whispered into your ear “You wanna go there?”. You shyly mumbled “Well.. I mean, yes we should go there. But only if you hold my hand”. He smiled kissing your nose “Don’t worry baby. I’ll hold your hand and never let it go”. The Jacks, who were listening to your conversation, hit you off “Oh Jack, can you hold my hand?” Johnson exclaimed as Gilinsky held his hand and laughed “I’ll hold your hand and never let it go”. Matt playfully slapped the back of both of their necks.

While you were waiting for your turn, you rested your head over his shoulder and he hugged you from behind kissing your neck near your ear. “Guys, please. We’re in public and there are kids around us” Cam begged jokily pointing at Hayes. Then Hayes added “Yes guys, please we don’t want to see a make out session because it’s… eugh, it’s disgusting”. Of course they were teasing because they all liked you and Matt as a couple because they thought you were really cute. They just wanted to have some fun.

It was around noon when you decided to eat something since all of you were starving. You were sitting on Matt’s lap eating your burger and stealing some fries from his plate. “Hey, that’s not fair. You’re stealing my fries. Now, for every fries you stole me, you have to give me a kiss” Matt giggled as you sassily replied “Then try to steal me some kisses if you can”. He looked into your eyes and a big smile opened on his face “Don’t tease me, baby girl”. Your cute conversation was cut off by Gilinsky who spoke “And now, here we go again. They’re teasing each other and that will lead into a make out session, kisses, cute stuffs and we’re not ready for that, and we don’t want to see it. So, please stop right now!”. The other guys laughed as you pouted and Matt playfully yelled “See.. Are you happy now? She’s upset and I have to cheer her up”. “What about an ice cream?” Cam suggested as you grinned at him.

After the ice cream, you decided to go to the games area (I don’t know how is it called. But, it’s where you can win stuffed animals and stuff like that, hope you’ve understood). “Mattyyyy” you called him smiling as he smiled back at you in response. “You love me right?” you asked and he nodded his head adding “Yees, why are you asking me this? Of course I love you”. You bit your bottom lip and asked him with your best puppy dog face “Since you love me so much, and you’re so sweet and gentleman, and you’d do anything for me.. Can you give me a piggyback ride?”. He smiled leaning down so that you could jump on his back, wrapped your legs around his waist and whispered into his ear “Thanks baby”.

Of course, the boys couldn’t help but tease you once again. Hayes jumped on Nash’s back and exclaimed “I’m Y/N and I’m too tired that I can’t walk so he’s giving me a piggyback ride since he’s like too whipped. He’d do anything for me”. Matt rolled his eyes and laughed “You guys are jealous of us. I mean, I’m here with my girlfriend while you, you are all single. While you’re making fun of us, I’m kissing my girl so stoooop!”.

Matt won a teddy bear and a goldfish and he gave them to you. “How should we call it?” you asked pointing at the fish. “I don’t even know. What about Todd?” he suggested but you raised your eyebrows “Todd? What about Charlie?”. He shook his head “No, we’ll simply call it Fishy”. You laughed “No, we won’t call it Fishy. Its name will be Charlie”. “Are you kidding me? You’re fighting over the name of the fish?” Cam perplexedly asked and Johnson added “Are you like trying to be parents with the fish? So that you’d be ready for your children?”. “Guys, you couldn’t decide the name of the fish, how about the children? You’d fight days and days over it” Nash playfully exclaimed.

After a long day in the park, you finally decided to go back home since you were all tired. Once you got in the car, you rested you head over Matt’s shoulder and after a couple of minutes, you fell asleep and Matt too. So, Johnson took his phone and started to record a video of you two sleeping “Look at them, they’re so cute. We all love them”. When you got home, your phone kept buzzing because Matt’s fan were posting gifs from the video with #Y/S/Nsocute (Y/S/N is Your ship name).  

i-am-marigold asked:

I was on fb and saw a guy from my uni who I dont really know with my (guy)friend's exboyfriend, who's rather attractive. The point is, this guy made a picture with him his profile picture and all his LADS friends started to make puns about him being gay too and one girl said: you two really make a beautiful couple! This guy, who I thought was a typical British lad answered: while I'm not that way inclined, we do look rather happy don't we? HE MADE MY DAY, there's hope!!!

That’s great!

anonymous asked:

Hey do you ever get really lonely in the sense that you feel like no one is really there when and how you want them to be. Maybe I'm immature and selfish but I get upset because I'd willingly put myself out there for someone yet it's hardly reciprocated. I've expected "too much" and I've always tried changing that yet at the same time I think I should expect something from people who are in my life yet that's lead to basically barely anyone to really be with. Maybe I just need sleep.

normally people tend to expect something from people around them
if im being nice to you, i expect you to treat me the same way
but thats not always the right way
you do something because you want to and not because you want others to copy what you did
i know it hurts when you did everything for a friend or someone else and if you really need them they all find something that is more important than listening to you and being there for you
but then again, how many times have you really told your friend what you think and how you feel?
have you ever told them that you are feeling lonely, that you cry at night all alone and need someone to hold you?
as you said it is selfish, but thats okay. we are all selfish creatures
nel once wrote me a really long letter when i was having a hard time but there is one part that i want you to read:
“i used to think that most people are good to spent time with but not to be trusted. i didnt trust anyone and didnt expect anything. it took me so many years but i reached that point. nobody could hurt me anymore. i was standing up there, all alone. i tried so hard for years only to be alone, sad isnt it. most people think feeling lonely is worse than being alone but thats wrong. if you are alone and have no one around loneliness will follow and there is only darkness beside you that leads you down. if you are lonely and have people around you, you still have a small hope that someone will reach out his hand for you.
if i look back now, those years ive spent trying to not get hurt were meaningless. i hope that you wont end up like this.
you have such a nice and kind heart, dont destroy it with your own thoughts.
you give, expect, get hurt, cry, talk to your friend for hours about stupid seflish things and then try again and realize that there are actually people who are willing to stay with you. there are so many emotions and feelings, why give up on that? getting hurt and hurting someone is essential for us to grow strong.”

anonymous asked:

I hope I'm not too late! But I really like seeing your karasuno aesthetic post! And I was wondering if you could do the same for the other captains? If you can, thank you so much! I love love love your blog!

Omg yes! I’m really glad you liked it! And thank you so much ;; you guys are always so sweet to me!

For those of you who don’t know, the original “Karasuno Aesthetics” post is here.


  • Sawamura: Done.
  • Kuroo: Red lilies, a panther, fresh spices and cinnamon, the sunset over mountains, bruised collarbones, leather and bitten flesh.
  • Oikawa: A white stallion, the country of Belgium, mint leaves, soft serve ice cream, arizona green tea, warm hugs and gentle kisses.
  • Moniwa: Whipped cream, open fields and dense forests, Moon Jellyfish, Vanilla Chai Tea, stone walls and beads of sweat.
  • Ushijima: A hawk, Kyoto’s bamboo forest, black tea with shots of milk, torn muscles and large lungs, rusted jewels and bronze metal.
  • Bokuto: An owl taking flight, a Lunar eclipse, italian cream cake, fangs and stained sheets, strong grips and firm holds, an albino peacock.
  • Extra: Terushima: A solar eclipse, a banana split, chewing gum, eraser shavings on a completed artwork, sunflowers and tears masked by the rain.

You guys really liked the Splatoon themed art for Octillery last week on One a Day, so let me take this time to share some art I did featuring Inkling girl!  It’s “Smashified” in that I tried to create a render in the style of the Smash Bros character models that appear in trailers and on teh website.  

I really do hope the Inklings make it as DLC for Smash Bros - they’re representative of the new generation of Nintendo IPs, which we haven’t seen too much over the course of the Wii and Wii U, let alone in the Smash roster!

Vegetables of fate.

Rating: pg
Pairing: Ereri
pov: Levi’s first person
“Hi, my garden grows too many vegetables for me to eat by myself, do you want some?” AU

((Okay so I was bored and I was supposed to get this out a long time ago before I had really bad writers block. But somehow I squeezed this out so hopefully you guys like it. I’m pretty content with out it came out even though it’s really simple. I’m just glad I finished it. Once again I hope you like it. Should I do afterword smut? :3))

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the drunk reaction for the hyung line too?

RapMonster/Namjoon : A drunk Namjoon will just make him more philosophical than usually, he will say random things too, but most of his talks would be what he thinks inside of him. He would do some really clever remarks about everything too. When he’ll fall asleep, I see him snoring like crazy I don’t know why x)

Jin/Seokjin : He will be like Jungkook, a really cute guy when he’s drunk, like he would laugh for no reasons, will talk really weirdly, like saying non-sense things, and he would fall asleep in a random place, like on the floor, or in a table, something like that.

Suga/Yoongi : He will literally complain about everything, why is his life so hard ? Why does he have to sleep later because of work and wake up earlier because of work too? He will be like a grandpa, complaining about his hard life before falling asleep, in his bed, because he will directly go to bed after complaining.

J-Hope/Hoseok : Like Taehyung, I think, contrary to his behavior when he’s sober, when he’ll be drunk he’ll be really calm and quiet, so everyone would find out easilly that he’s drunk and would just take him home and to his bedroom, and he will just fall asleep. Lot of snoring ahead too ahah !

Admin K

Fitness blog?

I want to make a side blog (or turn this into) that’s all fitness and workout stuff. Like food, weight loss, tips/tricks, workouts etc. But I’m scared that no one will be interested, and yeah just really anxious about starting one.
I have been into fitness for ages, I’ve been doing martial arts from a young age too so it’s something I really enjoy but also like talking to people about and learning. Who would want to follow a blog like that? I hope you guys are interested :).

Guys… your love since my farewell post has been a lot, you’re amazing. You made me feel loved even not deserving it. I’m really sorry for making you worry about me, my personal issues don’t have to make me stop doing what I really love to do. So… I will continue with fy-taem. I understand if you feel sick of me, I’ve been really annoying, I hope someday you will accept my apologies.
Since I don’t want you guys to be annoyed because of this issue, I’ll delete all messages (after saving all of them for myself, because I want to remember all your beautiful messages if I ever feel down again), and I’ll try to continue the best way I can. Also I apologize because I’m too late for lots of things, but starting tomorrow (now I’m feeling a bit sick…) I’ll try my best to be working well. I’m sorry if I’m too slow, I might be starting a period of semi-hiatus (apart from my personal issues, because of exams), but I’ll try my best. I love you, I love this blog and I will continue until I have real reasons to close it.
One more time, THANK YOU for everything, guys. And I’m really sorry for making you worry about me. I’ll try to hide my problems and continue enjoying Taemin and SHINee with all of you.

Gosh almost 100 followers! I’m so happy, thanks to everyone that has decided to follow this socially awkward girl with weird ships from kid shows //sobs.

I might draw some more su fanart, so if you have any suggestions I will gladly take em! 


Rating: K

Summery: all he was thinking was if he was a monster. (nalu towards the end)

Author’s note: Hey, this is my first story so please be kind. I really hope you guys like it. I worked really hard. ☺


He lay down on the ground, still tired from the recent fight with Avatar. Now with all the members of the original Team Natsu (plus a few, too) back to their former glory as Fairy Tail wizards, all they had to do was get the rest of the members and, of course, the master.

           Natsu smiled at the idea of the long journey ahead of the. He looked around at all his friends surrounding the fire they created, all fast asleep. He reminisced at all the fun times they had, all the adventures and friendships they made. Happy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Charla. Even Juvia was there, a nice addition to the team, even if it was only temporary. Then he saw her. The girl curled up in a ball a mere 4, maybe 5, feet away from him, Lucy.

           Lucy was definitely his favorite person there. She was smart, pretty, always smiling, what more could one ever want?

           He flashed his signature grin once more. Thinking back to the recent fight, he remembered how the eight of them alone took down about 2,000. And how cool was it when he one hit a god?!

Natsu smirked, “wow. We sure kicked their asses didn’t we?” he whispered as to not wake any of his comrades.

Suddenly his mind drifted to the memory of the voice of a single, screaming enemy.

“They’re monsters!! MONSTERS!” the voice echoed. Natsu’s face scrunched up at the thought. How? How could we be monsters? We’re the good guys here aren’t we?  He thought.

“Am I a monster?” he asked himself, so quietly hat he could barely hear himself.

“No…” a small voice broke the silence,” No you’re not.”

“Lucy?” he was surprised that she had awoken, being how quiet he was.

“You’re not a monster, you can’t be.” The volume of her voice so low that he could hardly make out her words.


“How are you so sure?” his voice was shaky “we always, like, destroy stuff. That sounds pretty monstrous to me.”


“There may be blood on your hands, there’s blood on mine too, but that’s ok. It’s the blood of our enemies’ right? It’ll just wash off. Maybe if your enemy is one that is the cause of terror. What if your enemy is an innocent bystander? Even more, what if that enemy calls you friend? That’s the kind of blood that never washes off. The fact that you could hurt someone that has complete trust in you, someone that loves you, that’s what makes one a monster.” She spoke so elegantly and softly that it almost seemed as if she was ghost.

“Wow.” That was all he could manage to mutter. He was completely blown away with the girl’s words.

Once again it grew quiet. The silence lasted about a minute until a dim voice broke it.

“Natsu?” she sat up and crossed her legs, leaning on the palms of her hands.

“Yeah?” he replied, copying her movements.

“Promise me something,” she looked at him, “promise me that you will never turn into a monster.”

“Yeah,” he scooted over so that he was next to her and caught the girl in an embrace, “of course, Lucy. I promise.”

Hey guys,

I really wanna get back to posting regularly on here, but I wanna make it different this time too. Hoping to make some new gifsets this week and stuff, but I was also thinking of doing more regular Cards Against Humanity games and maybe even some YouNow broadcasts! I really also wanna do some YouTube videos, but I have no idea where to start (send any ideas to my askbox please!)

Anyway, I’ve decided not to leave Tumblr for the meantime. So, I’ll be seeing you guys soon :)