Like I said, no scanner BUT here’s a tiny bit of one of the Top Gear Thunderbird comics.

You can find these comics in the “Big book of Top Gear” books. The first t-bird comic is in the 2010 book and the other is in the Christmas edition.

The books are amazing :D they also have comics of James May as an old fashioned pilot and also comics of when they did their 70s cop show “the interceptors”

If you want them I must warn I think they’re out of print and I’ve managed to uncovering all of them in various charity shops. You can also find them on Amazon by various sellers but no new copies exist hence why I think they’re out of print.

Once again sorry I couldn’t scan and send you the entire comic but I haven’t got one :(

DUU-UUDE!  THIS IS AWESOME! I wasn’t expecting you to go to this much trouble, thank you!  This picture should be enough incentive for someone who does want to read the comic to go out and buy it if they so wish!  I know I will be now!

Full credit for the image to the awesome person who messaged me this, it’s brilliant!

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