More Art Monday: Women’s Equality Day   

Tomorrow is Women’s Equality Day. Let’s celebrate girl power with some of our favorite female artists from our collection!

Night Sea,” 1977, Edna Andrade, American

Birch and Pine Tree No. 1,” 1925, Georgia O’Keeffe, American

Banisteriopsis - Dark Ink,” 1968-94, Sheila Hicks, American

Hydrangeas Spring Song,” 1976, Alma Thomas, American

savant, From the series An Unpeopled Land in Uncharted Waters,” 2010, Kara Walker, American

Keeping the peace in Alma

“Placing high again in home town contest was no accident as Alma citizens carried out more improvements. A new police car was added to the city’s law enforcement equipment. (File) 1954” Alma’s new police car was a Ford Mainline. It was manufactured from 1952 to 1956. Alma is in Bacon County in southeast Georgia, well below Macon and north of Waycross. The town is named for the wife of a traveling salesman who happened to pass through at just the right time.

Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

'Shipping is Like Any Other Sports Obsession.

As you can tell from my icon, I’m a big time fan of my undergrad alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs.  I even cheer for the maligned basketball team when they are losing their pants by double-digits to a team I don’t even care about.  I cheer for my favorite baseball teams, even when they are at the bottom of their divisions.  So, when I got into a small snarky discussion with a Facebook friend this evening about my love for the Atlanta Braves—even when they’re losing the the Texas Rangers, the team with the current worst record in baseball—I still love them, want them to win games, and hope that they all play well.

It was then I realized that this is much the same way ‘shipping works…  

  • Selections of team designations is largely based on a gut feeling, the geographic proximity of the teams, or a shared experience
  • Even when our teams are down, we still love them.
  • We rehash each loss and victory long past the event.
  • There are tshirts
  • We respond angrily when someone attacks our object of affection
  • There’s a lot of screaming
  • And hot people in tight-fitting clothing
  • There are trading cards (with stats and bubblegum for sports, and pithy gifs for ‘shipping)
  • Sometimes, our spouses look at us funny.
  • We “forget” to mow the lawn
  • We get together in groups to attend their events.
  • When you meet another fan, you automatically think well of that person without due cause
  • Fans of alternate teams are regarded with suspicion
  • Except for fans of friendly teams, who are fellow ships in your armada, and you get together to cheer for each other’s teams
  • We love recruiting people to be fans of our team.
  • We have cute mascots
  • OTP marriages = Playoffs and championships (Hey, there’s generally a fabulous ring involved)
  • They exhaust you when they do something stupid
  • No one will ever convince us that our team worship is not worthwhile.

I’m sure I could go on, but I think everyone has gotten the gist by now.  

Fan on, ladies and gentlemen!  

Born on September 22, 1891, in Columbus, Georgia, Alma Woodsey Thomas grew up in a family that encouraged education and appreciation of literature and the arts. In 1907, the family moved to Washington D.C., partly due to the Atlanta race riots, but also because Washington had better education and employment opportunities for African Americans than…

Alma Thomas: 1891-1978 was originally published on Daily Art Fixx - a little art, every day

Meet: KC Smith


Hometown: Kennesaw | Athens

Alma Mater: University of Georgia

Birthday: 07-01-1991

How I got into advertising: I know I wanted to do something journalism related… and when I went to go pick a major, “Advertising” was first.

Favorite Food: Sandwiches of any type… I don’t discriminate.

Favorite Colors: Grey | Lavender

Favorite blog or website: pinterest.com

Best ad ever: I love Skype’s “Stay Together” campaign

Worst ad ever: I really hate the E-Trade campaign with the talking baby…. Hate it so much….

Favorite part about working at BBDO: constantly meeting new, creative people.

You would be surprised to know: My family has some serious college football issues. My dad attended the University of Florida while I went to the University of Georgia and my brother went to Georgia Tech.

Which one is it?

French fries or milk shake: milk shakes
Night owl or early bird: night owl
Beach or lake: beach
Breakfast or dinner: never breakfast
Cake or ice cream: ice cream

5 Favorite Things:
my pup Tate 
good typography/ calligraphy
watching the Bulldogs play between the hedges!


Rome Beer Fest

Cropped logo from romebeerfest.com because I am a dunce and forgot to take a picture of the event…

This past Saturday the 20th, the city of my Alma Mater, Rome, Georgia held their seventh annual festival of beer. Though I lived there for four years, I was only of age to allow for one attendance during my tenure at such a prestigious institution. Unfortunately, my illustrious co-author Katie could…

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Meet: EB Bernardin


Columbia, SC

Alma Mater:
University of Georgia


How I got into advertising:
I took Intro to Advertising and loved it!

Favorite food:

Favorite color:

Favorite blog or website:

Best ad ever:
Snicker’s You’re Not You When You’re Hungry with Betty White

Worst Ad Ever:
Flo from Progressive

Favorite part about working at BBDO:
The people are awesome!

You would be surprised to know:
I’m six feet tall and terrible at sports…

Which one is it??

French fries or milkshake: milkshake

Night owl or early bird: I like to go to bed early and sleep late………..

Beach or lake: Beach

Breakfast or dinner: Dinner

Cake or ice cream: Cake

5 favorite things: My family, One Direction, UGA, Drake, and Taquiera del Sol 

Meet: Patrice Boswell


Hometown: Madison, GA

Alma Mater: University of Georgia

Birthday: January 13 

How I got into advertising: My grandmother encouraged me to pursue a career that would allow me to do the things that I love – storytelling, planning and creativity. So…I chose Advertising. 

Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Blog or Website: Pinterest

Best Ad Ever: Always - Like A Girl

What does ‘like a girl’ even mean? I loved this ad because of the insight. The ad showed that girls often think of themselves the way in which society would like them to think of themselves – even if it’s not what they actually believe to be true. It showed that being a girl and doing things ‘like a girl’ is no longer an insult. Changing conversation. Inspiring new behavior.

Worst Ad: Go Daddy - Sexy Meets Smart

This was Go Daddy’s 2013 Super Bowl Ad. It was gross and I’m almost positive that there was a more insightful and entertaining way to communicate Go Daddy’s small business service.

Favorite part about working at BBDO: I enjoy being able to work on magazine insertions for AT&T.

You would be surprised to know: I’m afraid of butterflies - seriously.  

French fries or milk shake: French Fries (Extra Crispy)

Night Owl or Early Bird: Night Owl

Beach or Lake: Beach

Breakfast or Dinner: Breakfast

Cake or Ice Cream: Birthday Cake

5 Favorite Things: Books, Music, Autumn, Lions and Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Meet: Ashley Clifton



Snellville, Ga

Alma Matter

Georgia College & State University


December 2

How I got into advertising

After studying PR/Journalism for four years, I decided to try something new.

Favorite food

Pizza…and Mexican. Two very different meals but both equally my favorite.

Favorite color


Favorite blog or website


Best ad ever

I can’t really narrow it down but I think that the coke ads are pretty great.

Worst ad ever

St. Joseph’s East Hill Shopping Center ad. You have to see it to believe just how awful it is.

Favorite part about working at BBDO

The challenge! I only took one advertising class in college so all of the concepts and lingo are brand new. I love being able to learn things I’ve never learned before and of course, I love the people I work with! They are all awesome and so helpful.

You would be surprised to know

I have an irrational fear of birds. The real ones, of course.

Which one is it??

French fries or milkshake?

French fries

Night owl or early bird?

Night owl

Beach or lake?


Breakfast or dinner?


Cake or Ice cream?

Is it cheating if I say Ice cream cake? It’s the best of both worlds. 

Meet: Steven Coulombe


Hometown: Duluth, GA

Alma Mater: University of Georgia

Birthday: January 26, 1991

How I got into advertising: There isn’t a single moment I can point to and say with confidence: “that is when I knew I wanted to do advertising.” It was a progression – a natural end to the pursuit of my “caterpillar schemes.” (Caterpillar schemes is a phrase – stolen from Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay – which here means a natural desire to evolve and improve oneself).

Favorite Food: Whatever is in the refrigerator.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Blog: Laughing Squid

Best Ad: Epic Split

Worst Ad: Flo…

Favorite part about working at BBDO: The people, the atmosphere and, of course, the amazing work!

You Would Be Surprised to Know: Working at BBDO is helping me get a Master’s Degree!


Always be cold or always be hot? Always be cold. Sweat is not attractive and the more layers I have on the more likely I will be wearing SOMETHING fashionable.

Be an apple or banana? Apple. I don’t like bananas – it’s a texture thing.

Be invisible or able to read minds? The obvious question is can I control these powers or am I always invisible or always inundated with peoples’ thoughts? My gut response is invisibility, but if I’m just an invisible man it might be hard to connect with people. Also, I’ve seen movies. It never works out for the person who can read minds – they always learn something they would have rather not known.

See the future or change the past? Change the past. That’s So Raven taught me that there is no changing the future even if you can see it. Maybe with some hindsight (which is always 20-20) I could make some positive tweaks.

Would you rather be super strong or super fast? Super fast. My metabolism would be off the chain and I would eat whatever I wanted!

Meet: Sabrina Lewis


Hometown: Franklin, TN and Peachtree City, GA

Alma Mater: University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)

Birthday: October 30

How I got into advertising: I went to college for PR, but wanted to find out what “the other side” is all about

Favorite Food: Pizza & sushi

Favorite color: Gold

Favorite blog or website: Pinterest

Best ad ever: The Publix Valentine’s Day commercial where the little boy asks his mom to help him bake a cake for someone special, and it turns out to be for her. I may or may not have cried the first time I saw it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHkqGgPpQOE)

Worst ad ever: “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Favorite part about working at BBDO: The people are awesome! And I’ve always wanted to work on the top floor of a really tall building.

You would be surprised to know: I went to middle school with Miley Cyrus.

Which one is it??

French fries or milk shake: French fries

Night owl or early bird: Night owl

Beach or lake: Beach

Breakfast or dinner: Dinner

Cake or ice cream: Ice cream

5 Favorite Things: Georgia football, online shopping, coffee flavored ice cream, puppies and The Bachelor/Bachelorette