He remembers a lot of things.

He remembers playing basketball in the empty lot behind the school. Remembers his father coming home in fatigues, coming home in fatigues, coming home in fatigues, and then not coming home again. Remembers playing with the neighbor’s cats. Remembers his first apartment after high school. Remembers enlisting within weeks because he couldn’t stand the silence, the emptiness, the lack. Remembers how to take apart and put together fifteen different guns ranging from pistols to assault rifles to even two classes of sniper rifles. He remembers the first time he put on the fatigues to go into the field. Remembers the first time he put on gray and gold and was told to left his name behind. Remembers death after death, body after body, explosion after explosion and the way his life fell apart.

He remembers screaming on the operating table as another mind flickered into consciousness alongside his own and immediately started to tear itself apart.

He remembers a lot of things.

Mostly he remembers sitting on a bench and the rain falling around him as his fingers toy with a box. It’s small and velvet and black. Inside he remembers a ring, gold and set with the biggest diamond he could afford. Remembers having it all planned out, and now he’s sitting there in the rain, holding a ring box, and wishing he’d asked sooner.

He remembers her telling him over dinner that night that her deployment orders had come in. That he would have to take care of their daughter until she came back planet-side. That it wouldn’t be too long. That she’d be leaving at the end of the week and when she came back they could really talk about what to do with their daughter.

He remembers the weight of the ring box in his hands and the unspoken question on his tongue, and the cool September rain wishing down his face.

He remembers a lot of things. But mostly, David wishes he didn’t.

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allison argent is the key

I don’t want a malia centered season. I don’t want to learn about malia and her mother and Peter. I don’t want more stalia development. What I want is an episode where all of them actually take the time to grieve over allison’s death. I want to see lydia cry herself to sleep and and call repeatedly Alison’s cellphone and leaving multiple voicemails on how much she misses her. I want to see scott cry and talk about how much he misses her while stiles holds him. I want to see Chris walk around allison’s room and just hold every little single thing that she owned from the time she was a child to her death while he remembers all the good and bad memories. I want to see actual emotion towards her death. We only got about 5 mins of them grieving but that’s it. that’s all I got. that’s not normal, that’s not real life. when someone so close as a friend, first love, even daughter, passes away it takes time even years to recover. that’s what I want to see. I want to see the pain. no more teen love triangle bullshit

McDonalds and Maybes // Charlie and Alison

Charlie rolled his eyes, holding a Victoria Secret, black lacy bra in his hands, swinging it around his index finger. “Allison!” He called out, running his spare hand through his dark hair which he had just styled. “I have an issue to discuss with you. See, this bra?” Charming asked, handing it over to her. “That is one of many that I have found lying on my- our bathroom floor. If this arrangement is going to work, you’re going to need to pick up your underwear. It’s fucking sexy and all, but it’s irritating when I’m getting out of the shower and I trip over a bra strap.” The boy stopped speaking before pulling off his shirt and swapping it with another one. “Oh, by the way. We’re going to McDonalds. You ready?”