You know what’s an interesting thought? How vallaslin may vary from clan to clan of Dalish elves. 

Clans that live in forests using designs mimicking the intricate roots and vines of the woods they wander.

Clans residing in desert lands using various shades of reds, oranges, and golds in their ink because the colors match the arid sands and the distant horizons.

Jungle clans with vallaslin as vibrant as the flora and fauna that live around them. 

Clans that wonder the coasts incorporating the waves of the sea into each vallaslin, coloring them with shades of blues and sea greens.

Clans with only tiny amounts of markins and clans where the vallaslin covers their entire bodies

Just imagine the differences from clan to clan 

"oh hey this is a great fic! it’s well-written, has an interesting plot, and its characterization’s spot on. it’s perf—"

*insert gratuitous deprecation of female character in favor of slash ship*


i hope you guys like diagrams and maps and brief histories of groups of dwarves in your essays about dain ironfoot

Wait…what’s this…?

Is…Is that what I think it is?

HOLY SH— [spontaneously combusts]

ahhh holy shit.

600 was a big goal for me after i got to 500 and i didn’t think it’d happen this quickly…

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Also, I think Reginald Hawke got a hard case of THE GAYS for Fenris.

I don’t even like Fenris all that much and he’s kinda of a douche to my mages (even if his history with mages makes it kinda make sense :C) but fuck me if he isn’t the first flirting option I’ve came across that didn’t feel horrible or rude.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the anime Psycho Pass? I loved the first season to death, but felt disappointment from the second. Hbu? (btw I am in love with your blog theme)

I absolutely adored Psycho-Pass! The story was definitely its strongest point (either that or I’m a huge sucker for dystopian society stories) and the characters were strong factors of why I loved it. Plus Production IG did an amazing job, as expected from the animators of Ghost in the Shell! 

If I had to compare the two seasons side by side, season one wins by a landslide. It wasn’t that I disliked season two, the pacing was fast and the story was still intriguing, but it felt more like the cases and new characters introduced didn’t really contribute much to the plot’s main progression leading up to the movie. Of course it was easy to tell that the writer had been changed, and season one’s animation was much more solid. I’d say the biggest disappointment was probably Mika’s treatment and what she was meant to do, especially when her role could have been utilized so much better than just having her be the character the audience was supposed to hate. 

But the movie looks stunning, and I hope it’ll make up for everything in season two, since it’ll be actual plot progression with Kogami and what looks like the downfall of the government. I need the subs now, aaaaaaaaaaa ;;

a note on that geocities screencap i reblogged: 

the content and terminology of it is outdated and dysphoria is not a prerequisite for trans identification and yeah my reblog of it and the reason it’s important to me is that it’s a glimpse into the fact that trans ppl congregating and sharing information and stories online is not a “tumblr trend,” it is something that has been happening since we’ve had ACCESS to the internet, we’ve always been seeking community and forging our own resources 

so yeah that’s why i thought it was touching & worth spreading, just wanted to clarify that the actual information (which is from 1999) is not something i’m trying to give credence to; it’s just i find it compelling in the sense that trans people have been doing what we do online for a long time and that’s rly touching to me

alright lifes getting really busy for me so im thinking about quitting this site

idk if i should hand over my account to a new person, delete or just keep it maybe ill be back in a couple months

this was a comment on TMZ about bruce jenner

"Well this explains a lot to me..why Kendall wanted to drop the last name Jenner and just be known as Kendall. Why Rob has gone over the edge in the last 2 years. Every male in his family has either left him or let him down. Dad died, Lamar was a junkie, now Bruce who helped raise him since he was 2 is no longer going to be a man. The saddest of them all is Kylie who had her childhood ripped out beneath her and put on national TV because of her attention seeking parents. I don’t care what Bruce does but my opinion of him has absolutely changed if this is true. What he is doing is 100% selfish with no thought about how it will affect the last 2 daughters he has fathered, especially Kylie. While she was "transitioning" into her teens a total freak show was going on around her which became her daily life. Bruce couldn’t keep it together long enough to see his youngest set out on her own life and become settled before he did this? They file for divorce at the most difficult time in a young person’s development, mid teens. She isn’t even allowed to grieve for what she lost before her selfish parents are outdoing each other in the freak dept. While Bruce was getting "counciling" and having his larynx shaved and Kris was out looking for her next victim, Kylie has had to deal with this madness at the same time she loses her closest confident, her sister who made it to 18 and flew the coop and is all absorbed in her own life. Was Kylie supposed to sit home alone while Kris trots around with Kendall all over Europe, or was she supposed to go stay with her dad who is soon to become her second mother. Is it any surprise that she sought comfort elsewhere and was easy prey for a 25 year old GROWN MAN rapper. These two people have made a hot mess of the lives of ALL their kids. You don’t see Brody hanging around dad much anymore do you. He finally gets a dad who ends up becoming a mom. We have seen his eldest son FINALLY get some attention but the same goes here too. Gets a dad only to lose him. Brandon I think is going to become the rock for ALL the Jenner kids to rally around for love and support. He seems to be the only one who has been a constant in all of their lives since dad decided to remember he had other kids besides the Kardashian/Jenner girls. Sad footnote for a once great athlete."

Slowly coming back from the dead

I’ve started rewatching Free!: ES. I want to get back to the asks, but have been questioning my current grasp on the characters (whether I’m actually being true to them or the them I’ve created and slightly romanticized in my head). So I’m brushing up. I made it about half way through the opening in episode 1 before I got hit by a wave of feelings at what’s coming later in the season and started crying.

~Admin Demi

i was out with a few friends tonight just hanging out at the shopping center thingy, and one of my friends had walked out of a store as a joke so me and my second friend ran out after him and then once we found him, i was laughing then turned and went back inside to get my third friend. well after i walked back in my other two friends followed me and were laughing and were like, “did you hear what that guy said?”

apparently there was a guy who had left his group of friends and was walking over to talk to me but i hadn’t noticed so i turned and walked away right before he got over and so he was like “oh, i guess she’s taken” and went back to his friends

i was going to get hit on and avoided it without even realizing

&&. —— It should be noted that Épine is rather numb when it comes to general emotions. It can be assumed she is both asexual and aromantic (her sexuality only being useful to her in terms of aiding her mission). However, it may also be the case that she is demisexual. It isn’t known which of these it is, as she has yet to ever meet someone she is actually in love with. Though, she does love. Her affection is on a very different level than what others perceive love to be.