Look at Pete Wentz in "Takeover The Break's Over"

He is extremely attractive in it, and we don’t talk about it enough:

Look at dis:


I shit you not:

Most of you are having heart problems right now i guarantee it.


Favourite Tweets about Philippe Coutinho’s goal against Manchester City


                      ‘Why’ a Follow Forever by Savannah

                       And now I stare at you all and wonder why I still have a large
                           follower count considering the lack of activity lately. (Read as:
                           ever.) I’m still sorting things out on this blog and it’ll be a bit 
                           before things are completely ‘sorted’ but Reader was always
                           worth the time and effort. Somehow, all of you seemed to like
                           the idea of having this idiot on your dash. I applaud you all for
                           dealing with him. 

'You're Stuck With Me' aka 'You Asked for This' 

                You can’t say I don’t at least make being my friend a little interesting. 
                    Cheers to the people that are my friends and put up with me enough 
                    that they actually follow me to all of my accounts. (That’s true dedic-
                    ation if you really go through with following EVERY account I have. 
                    Gold star for doing that, I don’t even follow all of my accounts, I lose
                    track of them.) 

                    timmgutterson / blxwnaway ofneedleswords ribbonsandgears 
                    dainsearach / catholicwhxre idrxs (aka ‘i have a new skype and
                    need to add you back cause I forgot…) egoverenonsicutfeles 
                    tentatum hxdesdog dotellruvik rxbenvictoriano influencedbyfear
                    impxled spxkeout / bxstardinred gingerhairedimmortal 
                    poorlittlejoseph talktotensvikinnardoctoriism legaliity

‘People that are wonderful and I keep
                           forgetting to post their starters’

                             Patience is a virtue and lord knows you all have it.


'Stalking is such a strong word, I prefer walking                                  together but only one of us is aware of it’

                        … That breathing down the back of your neck is me tbh.

                       cxsia edhelernil fxcinus imdeadxandimove servinglies starxdouche

aaaand on to black powder war. who’s excited for tharkay to finally appear? THIS GIRL. RIGHT HERE. ME. 

…ah darling. how I missed you.

yukine 4 episodes ago was having an existential crisis and rebelling against everyone over his own sorrow 
who is this nerd who gets shy about his drawings and does his homework that i am witnessing