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The Birth And Death Of The Day - Explosions In The Sky

About five years ago, I ventured into the depths of the Mexican jungles and went to the ancient Aztec city of Teotihuacán. Hidden in a valley in the heart of Mexico lies this city with the largest pyramids in the world. I tirelessly walked the steps to the very top, a beautiful scene, but unable to fully enjoy it because my thoughts were elsewhere, paying attention to problems of the recent past and concerns about the future. Then my distracted daze was halted as I noticed a man praying, however it was not typical Christian or Muslim praying, but instead something completely foreign to me. I watched him intently with curious eyes. He noticed the intrigued gleam I had, and he utter one single sentence to me, which will stick with me forever, "No hay necesidad de vivir ayer o mañana, solo debes vivir hoy y solamente hoy." which translates to; There is no need to live yesterday or tomorrow, you should only live today and only today. Those brief words exposed me to a hidden secret, that one should live in the moment, right here and right now and nowhere else. Forget about what happened yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow, because today is the time for living. This strange man on top of the pyramid was right, words of wisdom from one stranger to another. Right then and there I took in the serene landscape in front of me. Marveling at the two majestic structures that stand massively tall after thousands of years, an architectural wonder forever frozen in time. I breathed in the beautiful Mexican sunset which painted the sky in a brilliant shade of pink. I stood there admiring all the beauty in front of me, captivated by its mystic vibes. For one of the very first times, I was completely engulfed in the moment.

"Anyone who is in love is making love the whole time, even when they’re not."-Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes