Nino’s new movie "Haha to Kuraseba" Press Conference - News Every 2014.12.17

➤ The movie will be released on December 12th, 2015.

Phil getting in a car wreck and Dan rushing to the hospital to see him

The doctors telling him there’s they can do to save him

Dan sitting with him in his last hours trying not to break down

Dan needing to make a video about it

Dan bursting into tears and not being able to finish what he was going to say in the video

Dan at Phil’s funeral which was on the same day their wedding was supposed to be

Dan forcing back tears as he gives a eulogy but not being able to stop them when he glances at Phil in the open casket

Dan not making any videos for months and staying inside, completely shutting out the world

Dan developing self harm problems and having suicidal thoughts

Dan making one last video explaining that he can’t go on as silent tears roll down his cheeks, scars visible on his arms

Dan being found hanging in his bedroom by Chris and PJ when they went to check on him

A note laying on his bed reading “I’m sorry, I couldn’t take it, not having him here. Not having his smile to brighten up the day. Not having his warm arms to snuggle into at night. Not having him. But now I will have him, I’m coming Phil and I love you.”

Loosen up those tear ducts and make room in your chest cavity for your heart to grow a few sizes, because you’re about to learn the incredible story of fun-loving Husky and heartstring-puller extraordinaire Derby the dog. Derby was born with deformed front legs that prevented him from running or walking normally. He was a very nice and upbeat dog, and seeing what a good attitude he had about life would probably have been enough to warm your heart for the day. But this is the future, and there’s so much more Derby and the humans who love him can do to make you start crying at work.

You guys have to watch this.  It’s wonderful what 3D artists can do to make the world a little better.

HER # 3

She said that she wanted me; so close
That our skin would graft together. 
So close- that I would know
the loss of her brother 
and she could speak
in my mother tongue.
And she said I make her drink 
That I make her burrow, 
that I make her eyebrows furrow, 
And that her body 
Aches for mine,
In unfamiliar ways.
And she said
That together we could listen 
To the crickets, 
And to the rain, 
And I couldn’t help but think
That maybe I’m the one 
Who’d kiss away the pain
That she doesn’t even realize
Is really worth kissing.
And I wish she saw the way I see
Her face her whole
Herself to me
Her mind works such mysterious ways
That all there is of weeks and days
Are turning into memories
Of all the little things she says.