There’s a JDrama for Flowers of Algernon and I’m watching it right now. Things are happening a bit differently from how I remembered when I read the book. :,D

Breath Wish
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Algernon Cadwallader - Breath wish

There go my shoes again, I hope you enjoy your walk in them. Some people try and kill themselves for attention but I don’t think she knows why she wants to die. Open your eyes. If you don’t know why we’re crazy and if you think you’re alright, well that’s a fucking lie. I try and I try but what good use am I when I say I knew I was right

Nowadays every time we see each other, after I leave you I go home with the miserable feeling that I’m slow and dense about everything. I review things I’ve said, and come up with all the bright and witty things I should have said, and I feel like kicking myself because I didn’t mention them when we were together.