Eternally wondering why one of - if not THE - highest reviewed "Doctor Who" e-book tie-in hasn't spurred the BBC into making more River Song books.

Currently The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery has 226 reviews (and maintains a four star rating) on Amazon U.S. I have yet to come across another tie-in e-book that’s broke 200 reviews. In fact, it seems very rare for them to break 100. The next most popular I’ve seen was Summer Falls which currently has 167.

TAK still sits in the Top 100 best seller list for Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations > Doctor Who. It sits at #6 right now. It’s never been lower than that and for a very long time it was in the Top 3.

If another River Song book came out and got even half as much attention, that would be 113 reviews, which would still be doing way better than most of the tie-in e-books.

I’ve been reading this bloody amazing fanfiction called The Time Traveler’s Life about River Song from “A Good Man Goes to War” through “The Name of The Doctor” which has a goal of being as canon compliant as possible and filling in River’s life that we’re all interested in. It’s got 112 chapters and 562 reviews to date. That’s a fanfiction.

Imagine if the BBC released an official series about River’s life and solo adventures. Imagine the kind of attention that would garner!

BBC, why haven’t you done this yet? Can you be enticed with money? Because you’ve got an entire fanbase just waiting to pay for official River Song material!

I want it.

I want it BAD.

(I love a Bad Girl, me.)


Suburban High

starring sophie okonedo and alex kingston

Meredith (okonedo) was literally at her wits end. Her son has just gotten into the most elite preparatory academy in Virginia, but of course they offer little in the way of scholarships and Scott’s father’s reaction was more like ‘don’t you dare be asking me for money’ than giving to the cause of their son. Though her old friend, Lorelai (kingston), a botany professor at Virginia Tech is convinced that they could grow weed and be able to pay off all the bills. Meredith knows the plan is ludicrous, but who would believe two soccer moms were growing and selling marijuana?