The Deer, the Herd and the Lion

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Furihata loved running with his herd of omega deer on most days. The peaceful whistle of the wind as he galloped and the consistent thing of hoof beats reminded him of his beloved kin.

But today was not one of those days. When Furihata woke up from his nap, he knew that his heat was near. He could sense the imminent gush of his omega scent which would attract all the alphas in the vicinity. He shuddered under the warm cover of his duvets. He was terribly afraid of that prospect. Even though he had heard stories of gentle alphas who sate the omega properly and with care, there were also dark stories told over a slight fire in the omegas’ dining hall. Stories of alphas who held no regard for the omega’s feelings and needs. The delicate process of mating and aftercare would be desecrated totally as these alphas would heartlessly use the omega’s body for his own pleasure and taking no heed of the poor omega’s physical and mental conditions. He had seen his senpais’ tears and broken bodies as they crawling back from a failed mating. He shivered violently. He didn’t want to go out and face the harsh world but—

"Furi? Furi, we need to go. The flash floods will be coming in very soon. It’ll be too late if we wait for after your needing." Hyuuga’s voice rang out in the empty room. "Furi, come out from your bundles of sheets and morph into your deer form. We really need to go. You’ll be right in the middle of the herd, you don’t have to worry much. Our herd scent should prevent your omega scent from becoming overtly obvious."

"Hyu—hyuuga senpai, but—but, I’m scared. I—I—-" Furihata stuttered.

"You aren’t even coherent anymore. Relax Furi. Our herd will take care of you. Now morph." Hyuuga said firmly.

"O—okay—yy." Furihata stuttered again as he untangled himself from the haphazard tangle of covers and stepped down from the bed. When he had a firm footing on the bedroom floor he morphed into his deer form. Brilliant sparks of light covered his body as both unadulterated pain and liquid pleasure filled his soul. A svelte little deer with a brown coat the exact colour of his hair stood in the place of the man.

"Good." Hyuuga said as he morphed into a slightly bulkier black deer. He led the way down the corridor to the door as Furihata followed him with slight trepidation. Hyuuga nudged the slightly ajar door open with his head. He glanced back at Furihata once before stepping out of the home.

Oh gosh, I’m going outside. Oh gosh. Furihata panicked mentally as he took a small step forward. It—it’ll be okay—y, Hyuuga senpai promised—

Thanks to @lookupatallthelights for beta reading :)