Comfort Part 3

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3 Years Later….


Nightmares once again plaguing the mind of the former Great Uniter for the first time since she was a little girl. Memories of her war, faces of the people who have died during her bloody campaign to unite the Earth Kingdom continue to haunt her.

Her eyes open with blinding speed and she looks around at her surroundings, the familiarity of Air Temple Island settling in. Korra looks at the body sleeping peacefully next to her… Asami, CEO of Future Industries… now victim of Kuvira’s war. Sighing, she slowly gets out of bed not to disturb her lover and proceeded to put on some clothes. She finds her glider and steps outside into the night, her heart and brain working at completely different frequencies.

Kuvira sits up in her bed and looks at the unwelcoming platinum walls “decorating” her jail cell. A single tear rolling down her cheek, she just asks herself “Why…”. She had started a war to avoid this very result, being alone… but this time with nobody there to hold her and tell her it’s ok. No Suyin, no Bataar, no Korra…. no one but Kuvira and her thoughts, and eventually her nightmares. She then contemplates her next course of action, to either sit there thinking about her thoughts or go back to sleep and risk being susceptible to bad dreams once again. The yawn escaping her body told her the answer, so she lays back down and hopes she can make it through the night.

Her hope was to no avail, once again she is tossing and turning in bed drowning in her nightmares once more. When she awakened, her body felt warm arms wrapped around her waist. The feeling of someone singing into her ear sent a subtle shiver down her body

You gotta show them, that you can keep going
You gotta keep going, you gotta keep going”

She turned around to see a pair of bright blue eyes staring back at her.



So…. do I keep going or nah?? :)


  • The Southern Air Templeis located in the Patola Mountain Range, and was one of two temples that exclusively housed male Air Nomads before the beginning of the Hundred Year War. It was notable for being the home of Avatar Aang. It features an airball arena and an inner sanctuary, in which reside numerous statues of past Avatars. 

  • The Northern Air Temple is located in the mountains along the northern coast of the Earth Kingdom, and was one of the two temples that exclusively housed male Air Nomads. Years after the devastating blow the Fire Nation had dealt to the Air Nomads, the deserted temple was colonized by a group of Earth Kingdom refugees, led by a renowned inventor, after their town was destroyed by a flood. The mechanist modified the temple to make life easier for the new inhabitants. The temple once held statues and paintings, however, these and other parts of the temple were destroyed by the mechanist to make room for his new technology.

  • The Eastern Air Temple is located in a mountain range in the south-eastern Earth Kingdom, and was one of the two temples that exclusively housed female Air Nomads.The site also includes statues of the Air Nomad Avatar before Aang, Yangchen. After the Air Nomads were killed, the temple became the home of Guru Pathik, and was also the place in which Avatar Aang was taught by Pathik how to unlock his chakras in order to master the Avatar State.It is notable for being situated on three separate mountains, connected by bridges, and was the place where all young airbenders would choose the flying bison that would become their life companion.

  • The Western Air Temple is located in the mountains north of the Fire Nation, and was one of the two temples that exclusively housed female Air Nomads. Like the Eastern Air Temple, it boasts statues of Yangchen. The temple is notable in that, unlike the other three temples, it is situated underneath the edge of a cliff instead of atop a mountain. The spires seem as though they were built upside-down, and because of that, the temple is hidden from the passersby. The site is also covered in many flying bison paintings, which have stayed in relatively good condition unlike those in the Northern Temple. Renowned as the birthplace of past Avatar Yangchen.

  • Air Temple Island is the most recent air temple, built by Avatar Aang himself, and is home to Tenzin and his family. Located off the coast of Republic City near the entrance of Yue Bay, tides and its coastal geography keep it secluded from casual access. The island sports several structures, including a large tower and a smaller building nearby, and it is inhabited by some sky bison and a different species of flying lemur, the ring-tailed winged lemur.

From almost destroying Air Temple Island to defending it from its invaders. 


This is my first collab , and I worked togheter with my dear friend  (visit her gallery,she’s great <3)
we enjoyed so much together and she’s very enduring with me X°D 

We made it for Korra’s Comic-Con fanart contest.

Bigger version:

Concept and Pencil by me :

 : by 


TLOK/Aladdin Crossover Parallels. You have to admit there’s totally a connection :P 

Sorry the text is all messed up since it has to adapt to Tumblr’s format. (Just click the gifs to see the dialogue!)

Requested by andthedayturnedintonight 

This whole island area, this is the first time you get to see it up close. The idea is that this is a museum that kind of, we never really see the collection, the idea is that it was sort of dedicated to the quest that Aang and his friends had to save the world. This was like a memorial… We had an idea that Toph actually made this statue- that it’s made of metal. We saw moments in the old series, that she was really good at sculpting. Like she sculpted that miniature Ba Sing Se almost instantaneously, so the idea that Toph had an artistic streak.
—  Bryke on Aang’s statue - Episode 4 Commentary